2ndLine Premium APK v20.11.0.2 (MOD Unlocked) download for Android

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Normally, you want to contact relatives, friends in the US or Canana will have to spend a lot of money. There is also a way to communicate for free, which is through social networks like Messenger or Instagram. However, when there is no network connection, you still have to make international calls as usual. And as you know, international calling rates are many times more expensive than domestic calls. But today, we present you an application that supports international calling to the US or the United States at a much cheaper rate than usual.

This application is called 2ndLine, an application developed by TextNow. Earlier, we also introduced another application of them, also named TextNow. Both are applications that allow you to make calls to Canada or the United States at an extremely low cost. Here, we will introduce the outstanding features of the 2ndLine application for your reference. After that, we will provide the 2ndLine Premium APK download link so that you can use its best features.

Great calling tool

Perhaps you still do not know about 2ndLine. Can understand 2ndLine is the second phone number of the United States or Canada. It works on your smartphone, tablet as an enterprise phone system. Moreover, it is fully featured, designed for mobile professionals, freelancers and business people. Thanks to that, you can implement it as a mobile network operator. You can call and text from a private number on your devices. You can choose to communicate via Wi-Fi or your current mobile network, with anyone in the US and Canada. Because the number of immigrants in these two countries is huge. And even the natives also know their friends in other countries.

Not only can you call your friends in the US or Canada, they can also call you even if they don’t have the 2ndLine app. With you using wifi or 3G, 4G, you can text and call other users in those two countries for free. When there is no internet connection, you can still call them but for a certain fee. And of course, this fee will be much cheaper than the usual way you use to call your friends.

Main features

  • Call relatives in the US and Canada with great deals
  • Text with options like Emoticons, stickers and gifs
  • Multimedia message support
  • Easily save draft or multimedia messages
  • Allow to record call and store in memory
  • PassCode: keep your messages safe with security
  • Google SmartLock: log in quickly, no need to remember passwords
  • Retrieving passwords with phone numbers is easy
  • Diverting calls
  • Create a unique feature in each message by signature
  • Customize your wallpaper, sound, notification, and ringtone to your liking
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use

Download 2ndLine Premium APK (MOD Unlocked)

Overall 2ndLine Premium is also a great calling application. It is not much different from the TextNow application, if you want to try it, you can click here. It is worth mentioning that both applications are very popular and used by many users. With the 2ndLine Premium APK, you can easily download, install and use all of the advanced features of 2ndLine. As long as you download our APK file below, you can install and use it right away.

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