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  • Publisher Qookka Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 830M
  • Version 1.0.60
  • MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
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In 2020, it seems that the FPS game genre is not as popular as it used to be. Instead, there are MOBA titles, dignity games, and survival games. But in the Chinese market, there is a mobile FPS game that is loved by many players. And this game came to global gamers yesterday. This game is called Area F2.

Area F2 is a product of publisher Qookka Games. This is also the debut of this game company on Google Play. The game was once dubbed Rainbow Six Siege Mobile of the Chinese market. The Area F2 was first introduced late last year and was released in beta early this year in China. Meanwhile, the game has received the attention of a large number of domestic gamers. Therefore, the developer has directed to the international market. And Area F2 was released in beta yesterday, through Google Play.

Area F2 developers call it the world’s first 5v5 Close Quarter Battle shooting game on mobile devices. And of course, that is true. Even players around the world who are trying out the Closed Beta version of the game call Area F2 the mobile version of Rainbow Seige Six.

Special action play

Area F2 has been developed with the most realistic first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay. But the experience of the game will be different from other games of the same genre. This game focuses on close combat gameplay. Therefore, the remote sniper strategy will not be used in the game. In Area F2, players will be divided into two camps, acting as the offensive and defensive sides. Gamers can designate characters in many different options, each character will have a unique skill

The game allows players to destroy almost all, from the roof to the wall or create conditions for you to use a different approach to the opponent. This will bring surprises in the game. Those who are defending in the house will be suddenly attacked, creating a more dramatic battle than ever.

Currently, the game has more than 20 elite agents, each based on real-life special forces. You will be given a choice of agent, set up a machine gun to fire, destroy the walls with explosive bolts. You can even place mines at potential points, which can take down many enemies. You need to have a strategy based on your weapons, skills and fighting ability.

Regarding the control system, Area F2 is created quite familiar in the FPS game genre. You will still have a omnidirectional scroll button in the lower left corner of the screen. And the right corner will be a shooting button, along with other skills. If you are a fan of FPS games, you will not have much time to get acquainted with the controls in this game.

Graphics and sound

Comes with unique action gameplay, Area F2 also owns quite impressive graphics. It was developed with high-quality 3D graphics, not inferior to the PC action games. Along with that are extremely detailed designs and designs. Even the weapons are made very meticulously. Those are the basics that a 3D FPS game should have. Effects such as fire, light, and shadow are very well finished. The sound of guns, bombs, moving will bring you an authentic experience. However, one thing that I personally don’t like about the game is that the colors don’t stand out.

Download Area F2 MOD APK

With the gameplay is said to be unprecedented on mobile, promising Area F2 will be a direct competitor to the popular game Call of Duty Mobile. As for the image, the game does not have many new features, nor is it better than games of the same genre. Anyway, Area F2 is also an attractive game, not to be missed in the future. Currently, the game only allows you to try Closed Beta. When the game officially launches, we will bring the Area F2 MOD APK version for you.

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