Huawei Assistant APK download v20.0.5.300 latest for Android

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  • Publisher Huawei
  • OS Android
  • Size 32MB
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  • MOD Features No
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As you know about Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby and Microsoft Cortana are the top favorite smart assistants today. These applications will provide a better experience on mobile devices. And Huawei – the world’s leading technology company today has also launched its own assistant application. They have been developing this app since 2018, until now it was released for the first time to the user experience.

Accordingly, this application is called Huawei Assistant. Earlier, it was also known as Huawei HiAssistant. Currently, this application has allowed you to download it to try it out. It has not been released an official version. So you can only download it thanks to our Huawei Assistant APK version at the end of the article. Huawei Assistant will bring the most convenient features, not least the assistant applications of the above mentioned companies.

The main features of Huawei Assistant

As mentioned, Huawei Assistant will bring most of the convenient features that other famous assistant applications have. You can access instant service delivery to consumers in all situations. With the SmartCare card, you can experience the smart and convenient features of this application. Instead of finding the right app, services will be recommended when needed. You will easily make your decision. With the information card system, users can view basic information about the phone and 3rd party services such as live content or travel by card.

In addition to helping users control the device, HiAssistant also features a search for other convenient items. For example, you can easily search for food, emoticons, directions, train tickets, videos and more. In addition, this application can also search for information through specific categories such as music albums, TV shows, books and more.

Huawei Assistant also provides access to relevant information on the device. For example, real-time weather, network resource usage, appointments and scheduled notifications, will later be grouped in smart cards. With future updates, users can also use this virtual assistant to make restaurant reservations. It also helps display information about flights, stock markets and more. Finally, the Huawei Assistant virtual assistant takes over the news feed recommendations chosen according to user preferences.

How to install and uninstall

  • If you are using Google Discover, you do not need to uninstall this app to still be able to download Huawei Assistant
  • Download the Huawei Assistant APK file from the end of the article
  • Open the downloaded file and install it (Supported devices running EMUI 9.1. And above)
  • To view News content, please change your regional and language settings to an applicable combination
  • If you want to return to using Google Discover, simply uninstall the Huawei Assistant app and then reboot the device.

Download Huawei Assistant APK

With the aforementioned features of Huawei Assistant, it shows that it can compete with common tools such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby … And one more thing is that Huawei shows that they are a Technology firms are not inferior to any other firm. Although not as smart as other virtual assistants that are leading the market, it will be significantly improved in the future thanks to “Natural language processing” (NLP). This is a branch of artificial intelligence focused on applications in human language. But whether this app will get users’ favor, we can only wait for the time to come. Right below will be the link to download Huawei Assistant APK for you to choose.

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