SHAREit MOD APK download v5.1.88_ww for Android (No Ads)

  • App Details
  • Publisher SHAREit Technologies
  • OS Android
  • Size 24M
  • Version 5.2.18_ww
  • MOD Features No Ads
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Today, anyone needs to share files between devices for a variety of purposes. And there are many ways you can do that. For example, connect your phone to a computer via a cable, USB, or between mobile devices using Bluetooth. However, these ways still have disadvantages when used. For example, transferring files between your phone and a computer or a USB device poses risks of malicious files, even viruses. So, we show you how to share files easily and quickly, using SHAREit.

SHAREit MOD APK is a great application that allows you to share your files between many different devices. This application was released several years ago. Since then, more and more people trust and use this great file-sharing tool. It has received over 1 billion downloads on Google Play, an impressive number. SHAREit is one of the Google Play store’s most downloaded applications.

Share files easily and quickly

As mentioned, this application allows you to share files between many different devices. You can easily share any files between devices like phones, tablets and computers. Using a direct Wi-Fi connection, SHAREit can send files, photos, videos, and applications from one device to another.

The most basic feature of SHAREit is transferring files between people without having to use cloud storage. As a result, you can share photos, videos, music files, documents and applications locally from one device to another. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re using because SHAREit only communicates with other SHAREit-enabled devices. It does not transmit data over a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth. Instead, it creates a direct wireless connection with up to five devices as a small network. After connecting to another device, files can be sent and received. You can also copy one device and send its content to another.

Normally, you often use Bluetooth to share files between devices, and that’s also how many people use it. However, the file transfer speed in this way is not really fast, especially when you transfer large files. But with SHAREit, you can transfer files quickly, exactly the fastest today, even large files. You can rest assured that after transferring files between devices there will be no loss of quality.

The basic features

  • World’s fastest file sharing speed: 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed up to 20M / s
  • Do not reduce file quality when sharing
  • Any type of file can be shared with SHAREit
  • Infinite online video
  • Great video player and supports almost all formats
  • Discover music trends with over tens of millions of songs
  • Personalized, for you to download and share

General assessment


  • Share all file types
  • Share files with high speed
  • Multi-platform support for easy use


  • No tutorial, difficult to get used to by users
  • Operation is not absolute, there are times when file sharing fails
  • The connection must be reopened for a new transfer

Download SHAREit MOD APK

With Shareit, you can do more than just send and receive data. Apart from the aforementioned features, another interesting feature is the connection to your PC. But you can only connect to laptops because usually desktop computers do not have Wi-Fi connection, which helps Shareit work. The downside that we rated the lowest of this application is the lack of instructions and explanations that make many users find it difficult to understand. If this app works properly, it is awesome. But there are times when file sharing doesn’t work. Overall this is a very useful application for Android devices. The following is the link to download SHAREit MOD APK with ad-free removal feature for you to experience the most comfortable.

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