Shazam APK (MOD Premium) v9.23.0-190311 download for Android

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  • Publisher Apple
  • OS Android
  • Size 13MB
  • Version 9.23.0-190311
  • MOD Features MOD Premium
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Many times, you come across something very good on the radio, or in a social media clip but don’t know the name of the song. This is annoying. But one way you can find those songs easily is by using the song recognition tool to record songs. And today we introduce you to read an application that helps you quickly identify songs without your name. It is Shazam application.

Shazam is a free application that can help you identify the melody of any song and wherever you want. This application, developed and released by Apple, is available on Google Play and AppStore for free. In just a few seconds, the application can display your full name singing, singing will and even show the lyrics of the song.

This Shazam application has been interested by many users since its release a few years ago. The reason it is so popular thanks to its accuracy in identification and ease of use on phone and tablet devices. Moreover, Shazam also supports you to download songs through related websites about the device for listening. Currently, Shazam is one of the most popular applications in the world, used by hundreds of millions of people every month.

Identify the song quickly

In essence, Shazam is a free application that helps users identify songs. When users are listening to a song on the radio or anywhere but they do not know what this song is, just use it to search. Very simple, you just need to hold the device, record the song and the system will find the song title and related videos. With that result, you can search for that song from various sources, or share the results via social networks.

This application can find results with a high success rate. Most popular songs, popular singers or popular songs can be found. However, there will also be songs that cannot be found, as the number of songs worldwide is extremely diverse. In addition to being able to search for the artist name and song title of a current song, the Shazam app also provides additional information for your reference. Examples include lyrics, album reviews, recommendations for similar songs, links to YouTube videos, etc.

The main feature of Shazam

  • Watch music videos and concerts from YouTube
  • Share tags on social networks
  • Identify any song you hear without knowing the name
  • Read album reviews and artist biographies
  • Use Shazam to Snap while browsing the web or another application
  • Display, save and manage the list of tags on the big screen
  • Preview music and play the track again anytime
  • Discover Shazam user songs around the world identified with live tag streaming
  • Browse Shazam’s tag charts for the best tracks
  • Get song suggestions to explore similar tracks and add tracks to your personal tag list
  • Do not miss any music moment

Download Shazam APK (MOD Premium)

After the upgrades, Shazam will now be able to identify songs without having to open the application. You get results from every device around when you play music. (like macOS). In addition, Shazam can identify music tracks using the sound inside your smartphone, even when you’re using a headset. Overall, Shazam is a great app for listening to your music. You can easily download it via the link below for free.

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