Spotify Premium MOD APK download v8.5.60.1013 for Android

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  • Publisher Spotìy
  • OS Android
  • Size 25M
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  • MOD Features MOD Premium
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Spotify Premium MOD APK is the best music platform today. It was developed by the Swedish company of the same name, which was established in 2006. It supports multiple platforms like PC, mobile, web so that users can easily use it anytime, while having fun. or relax during work. Immediately after being released, Spotify is considered the leading music platform in the world, competing directly with AppleMusic. Although Spotify has a more expensive Premium package than Apple Music, it still ranks first in the field of music with a huge number of users.

Until now, Spotify has achieved more than 500 million downloads from Google Play, a huge number. And of course this number is still increasing very fast. Here we will assess the highlights of this application, so you understand why it is the most popular in the world today. After that, we also offer you the Spotify Premium MOD APK version, surely you need it.

Huge music store

Like other music platforms, Spotify offers you a huge repository of multinational music. You can easily search your favorite songs on the search bar, the results will appear quickly for you to choose. Simply enter the name of the song / artist / album you want to listen into the search box, you will have a series of results and suggestions. If you want to see more clearly, clicking the “Show all Results” button below will take you to a more detailed search page. The Spotify music store is divided into different genres for you to search for songs of the same type that you like. Everything from trending to non-trending music is on Spotify. For example, Metal, Jazz Fusion, Hard Rock, Nu-Metal, Pop, K-POP, V-POP, RAP, … The system constantly updates the latest songs for users to quickly enjoy.


Spotify allows you to use your own way, and can create unique playlists. In this feature, you can create offline or online music playlists and create them according to your favorite theme or genre. You can download any song you like to listen to again when there is no network connection. The separated Playlist category is featured at the bottom of the screen so you can create or choose easier. You can also Follow playlists that you have created manually. The most interesting thing about your Follow list is that they will be automatically updated by Spotify itself so you can easily discover new tunes.

Music quality

When you use the Spotify Premium package, it uses the Ogg Vorbis format with 320 kps quality. Most users have a good rating for Spotify at this point, and the experience will not encounter any noise errors due to conversion from poor / pirated sources. However, the error sounds from the original remain the same, this application cannot edit itself due to copyright issues and the number of songs is too large.

Great experience without being disturbed

The biggest plus point on Spotify is the great experience without being bothered by ads. It’s nice to see ads constantly appear on the screen when you watch videos or listen to music. This is a problem that most other music applications have.

How to install and use

  • The first step, please visit the link below to download the Spotify Premium MOD APK file
  • After downloading successfully, open the file and install it as usual
  • Open the Spotify app once it has installed successfully and click the sign up button for free
  • Here you need to enter your email and password, then click next. Continue to enter your date of birth and gender
  • Finally just enter the name and start enjoying your favorite songs

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK

Through this we can see Spotify is the best music platform today, loved by users around the world. And here we provide the Spotify Premium MOD APK download link that works 100% for you to download. With this MOD feature, you do not need to spend every month to experience the great features of the Spotify Premium version. You just need to download and experience it!

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