TouchRetouch MOD APK v4.4.9 (Premium Unlocked) download

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  • Publisher 15MB
  • OS Android
  • Size 15M
  • Version 4.4.9
  • MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Many times, you have good pictures but the downside is that there are some unnecessary objects that appear. And of course you will want to erase objects or anything redundant to your photos more perfect. In order to accomplish this, we can use many different tools. The most common way you know is probably to use Photoshop tools on your computer. However, this is quite difficult for those who have never known Photoshop. That is, you do not know TouchRetouch, a great tool that can be used right on mobile devices.

TouchRetouch MOD APK is a specialized application to remove image details professionally. It was developed by the company ADVA Soft with 2 versions that support Android and iOS. It’s not free, it’s sold on Google Play and AppStore for $ 1.99. This application is highly appreciated by users for its extremely simple usage. Even people who are not proficient in image editing techniques can do it. The special thing is that TouchRetouch has the ability to erase the details honestly. With TouchRetouch you can remove any redundant details, from a very large car to small ink stains, dark pants on the face for more beautiful portraits.

Advantages of deleting redundant details in photos with TouchRetouch

Basically, this is a specialized application for deleting objects, redundant details in a photo. TouchRetouch also applies the same treatment as the SnapSeed application, but it is more skillful. Instead of enlarging the object to erase it more effectively, with TouchRetouch, in just one single wipe the object disappears almost completely leaving no trace. Besides, TouchRetouch supports up to 3 different types of area identification. Including automatic pattern detection line to remove extremely accurately, do not need us to draw like other tools.

The effect after each edit will surprise you. It leaves no trace, if you show it to someone else, they probably won’t know this is a edited photo. Thereby, you delete redundant details with this application is no less effective as professional tools of Photoshop. Even more impressive when you can do it right on your mobile phone.

In addition to the ability to remove redundant details simply and effectively, there is another advantage that I like very much on the TouchRetouch application which is a very light capacity of only 15MB and a pretty neat interface layout. Publisher even more thoughtful when equipped with 5 quick tutorials on how to use the features of TouchRetouch to delete objects in section Tutorials.

Main features


  • BRUSH: Clear redundancy through touch and color
  • LASSO: Delete redundant details through staking, automatic coloring
  • ERASER: Restore the highlighted area to normal
  • SETTINGS: Adjust the size for BRUSH and ERASER when operating


  • QUICK BRUSH: Delete immediately after applying color without pressing the Go button.
  • BLEMISH REMOVER: Remove blemishes
  • SETTINGS: Adjust the size for QUICK BRUSH and BLEMISH REMOVER when operating.


  • LINE REMOVER: Delete the redundant details in the shape of a straight line, just once you apply it it will automatically identify the line and then delete
  • SEGMENT REMOVER: Roads in a straight line to delete but without automatic identification.
  • SETTINGS: Adjust the size of your line drawing from thin, medium, and thick

In addition to the top of the image editing interface, TouchRetouch will have familiar features such as: undo before, then undo, mirror comparison and Export icon. With the image export stage, you can set a new format (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), image size (Small, Medium, Orginal) and with JPEG format, there is also a choice of quality.

Download TouchRetouch MOD APK

Overall, TouchRetouch is a great photo editing tool. It helps you to eliminate blemishes on your favorite photos. And now you can do it right on your phone, anywhere. We have a recommendation for you to edit on a phone with a large screen, or tablet. You will be easier to edit on devices with large screens. And the following will be the download link of TouchRetouch MOD APK for you. It’s free, and it is extremely compact.

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