Ace Force APK v1.54.8.888 (by Tencent) download for Android

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  • Publisher Tencent
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It can be said that no one is stranger to the popular game genre MOBA combined with FPS. This is considered one of the most successful genres of 2018 when both the hottest games of the time were combined. And the most popular game of that time was Overwatch from the publisher Blizzard.

Because of its popularity, Overwatch has many copies. And a prominent name among them is Ace Force Mobile of NPH Tencents. This is considered a small super product of this publisher has been delayed since 2018 until now. Although it is a follower game, Ace Force Mobile is still very attractive to players because it has been updated by the manufacturer with a very attractive new style after the delay. Let’s explore with us!

Ace Force Mobile is finally launched after a long delay

At the time of the announcement, NPH Tencents gave information about Ace Force Mobile being a MOBA game in conjunction with FPS. But what surprised the player was when recently released, the game was changed to Battle Royale. This is seen as a wise move by the manufacturer when Battle Royale recently took the lead in every game trend in the world, from mobile to PC. So, players can experience a special and more engaging game.

However, Battle Royale seems to be losing its appeal at the moment, with the following of another hot trend – Auto Chess. Therefore, players also hope that this mode will soon appear in Ace Force Mobile.

Attractive, powerful gameplay

Similar to some other MOBA games, the game also has several different game modes and maps for players to experience freely without getting bored. In the previously released trailer, you can see the fascinating game modes revealed. Including King of Hill, Battle of the death squads, Invasion or Barking Royale.

The most attractive point in the game can include Barking Royale mode. This mode allows you to team up with 3 people and fight for survival together in a fierce battlefield of 30 people.

Download Ace Force APK

Overall, Ace Force’s style of playing and arranging maps is quite similar to the previous popular game Overwatch. Even so, the developer still invested in the game with a system of characters of up to 20 people, able to overcome each other. You will need to invest a lot in choosing the most suitable character. Currently, the game is only available in the Chinese market. However, you can still use our APK version below for an easy game experience!

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