Armor Blitz MOD APK v1.4.27 (God Mode) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Hainet
  • OS Android
  • Size 52MB
  • Version 1.4.27
  • MOD Features God Mode
  • Get it on Google Play


Armor Blitz MOD APK is an RPG strategy game developed by Hainet. It was launched by Nutaku Pulishing on Nutaku platform more than 2 years ago. After a while was released, this game is still popular with players. It is not an ordinary strategy game, but an adult game. As you all know, all the games released on Nutaku are adult games.

Accordingly, Armor Blitz was developed with a not too unique strategy game. But when adding the “sweet” details of beautiful girls, it attracted a large number of players to join the experience. The following is an introduction to the game Armor Blitz, and a download link for the game is placed at the end of the article. You can easily download via our link, there are no third parties and you don’t have to wait long.

Attractive plot

Coming to Armor Blitz, you will be returned to World War II, but not on our human earth. The world takes place in Valhalla, a resting place for the spirit of the warriors and the weapons. This place is a peaceful place, but corruption has led to a fierce war. And your mission is to collect troops to fight, a battle cannot be played out. Interestingly, it’s the army you collect, not ordinary people, but humanoid tank girls. After collecting and using them, you also have to upgrade them to be stronger and regain your land from Evil Corruption. With the responsibility of winning the souls of Valhalla, will you be able to accomplish it?

Military strategy game

Not simply choosing the tank girls to go to battle, you also discover unique stories about them. Every character you encounter throughout the game has their own story. Each tank and enemy has a hint about the foundation that comes from their historical past. You need to constantly upgrade them and build your relationship status to make them stronger.

The humanoid tank girls are collected in the form of cards like other games of the same genre. After your battle will take place in real time, opponents are other players around the world. All you need to do is manage your army both on and off the battlefield. In addition to directing the fighting army, you can also join the fight yourself to defeat the enemy. While resting, you will enjoy the fun and sweet moments with the beautiful tank girls. Their hot body makes you can’t stop admiring.

MOD information

  • Player free summon
  • Enemy can’t summon

Download Armor Blitz MOD APK

Surely you have never played a unique card strategy game like Armor Blitz. Join the game to experience the top-notch strategy game, with stunning visuals. You also lead a strong army, are extremely beautiful and hot girls. In addition, this game also regularly organizes special events on holidays for players to participate in, such as the upcoming Christmas. Right below is the link to download the game Armor Blitz MOD APK for you.

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