Aurora 7 Mod Apk (One Hit Kill, Not Attacked) v1.0.7 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Jollity
  • OS Android
  • Size 64M
  • Version 1.0.7
  • MOD Features One Hit Kill, Not Attacked
  • Get it on Google Play


Aurora 7 MOD APK is a new role-playing action game released by Jollity. This is a not very popular game company and the number of games they publish is not much. Aurora 7 is considered their promising game project. It has just been released for Android and iOS platforms in early September, completely free to download. This is a hack & slash role-playing game, with an eye-catching 3D graphics background. As usual, we will provide you the download link for Aurora 7 MOD APK after the introduction below. You need to read carefully the MOD Features section to be able to experience this version of us.

The story of the game

Game Aurora 7 takes you to a fantasy world, where mysterious fairy tales appear. Accordingly, you will be immersed in the main character is Aurora (princess sleeping in the forest). You are the owner of the legendary Sword of Light, which has incredible power. Your mission in this game is to set out to rescue his brother Jura who has been kidnapped by the evil White Witch. You will be the decoder of 7 light crystals capable of saving the world, a noble mission, the whole world is waiting for you to rescue. In addition to the princess sleeping in the forest, you also meet other familiar faces such as the little red riding hood, Alice, Rapunzel.

Action gameplay

Basically, Aurora 7’s gameplay is developed by the hack and slash mechanism, where you can freely dodge and combine your style-based moves to win. You can customize your character by learning new skills and spells, so your character gets stronger and stronger. The game offers you a variety of challenging game modes including PvE, Solo PVP, Team PVP, Guild Wars, challenging your opponents in all kinds of battle modes.

The combat system in Aurora 7 Mobile uses the basic formula of the ARPG genre is the virtual key to navigate the left and the right skills, but you can still manually customize this set of keys to get the feeling. best control.

3D style anime graphics

You will be attracted by the impressive image of the game Aurora 7 right from the first time you enter the game. Aurora 7 was developed with good quality 3D graphics, along with images designed in an eye-catching Anime / manga style. First is the character shaping section, they are shaped differently in terms of face, hair color, shape and costume. Add to that the effects of shadows, lights, explosions … created very brilliant. You can easily see what we have just assessed as true, through the ingame images below.

MOD feature

  • One Hit Kill
  • Enemy Can’t Attack
  • NO ADS


  • To use our MOD version, you need to skip the tutorial
  • MOD only works with manual play mode, does not work when you turn on Auto battle mode

Download Aurora 7 MOD APK

You will be immersed in the game Aurora 7 with fascinating fairy tales, and create your own story. With attractive role-playing gameplay and 3D-style anime graphics, Aurora 7 will surely be a name that many people know in the near future. Are you ready to step into your fairy tales in Aurora 7? Download the game now and experience this unique game.

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