AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter MOD APK v1.3.6 (Unlimited Bullets)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Azur Interactive Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 378M
  • Version 1.3.6
  • MOD Features Unlimited Bullets
  • Get it on Google Play


AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter MOD APK is a new FPS shooter released by Azur Interactive Game. You may not know, Azur Interactive Game is a game developer famous for action games and shooters. They have released many interesting games, such as World War Heroes, Modern Strike Online …. Their games have received 5 million to 50 million downloads on Google Play, so they are considered a Pretty successful developer. And the latest AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter game promises to bring a great experience in the near future. Currently the game is in beta and allows you to pre-register through Google Play. Let’s find out what it stands out!


Game AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter owns the top-notch shooting game with first-person view (FPS). Start participating in the game, you will select a character to be the main avatar and start the game experience journey. During the game, you can equip your character with hats, armor items so that the character has a unique appearance according to your style.

You will be accompanied by adventure characters to a variety of environments from snowy mountains, forests, tall buildings to some special scenes like a normal room but all participants are shrunk. . In that room, ordinary items like chairs and tables will become giant barriers for you and other players to take advantage of. As far as we know, in the AWP game, Team Deathmatch is the main game mode. In this mode, the two teams will compete to shoot down the opponent until enough certain lives to win. However, it is possible that the developer will add new game modes in the near future.

Various weapon systems

In the game, you can unleash your choice of modern weapons to enter the fight. You collect the best weapons for your collection and increase the power of weapons, reduce recoil, increase reload speed. In addition, you must increase the size of your arsenal to accommodate more weapons. True to its name, the weapons players can use in this game are mostly sniper guns and its variants from AWP, Barreta …. With the diverse terrain above the different characteristics of the gun, you will have time to test your sniper marksmanship.

Graphics and sound

Coming to AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter, you will be immersed in the wonderful atmosphere of the shooter with beautiful graphics. The game is developed with 3D graphics, carefully invested, bringing the best quality images. The scenery, the system of characters are very realistic with the context of modern times. Weapon system is also extremely eye-catching design. You may find that these sniper rifles are not too new, because they are inspired by real-life sniper weapons. But they are refreshed by adding colors and small details. The sound of gunfire, explosive effects, the movement of characters … will create an extremely vivid game experience.

Main features

  • Unleash your choice of unique sniper weapons from the huge arsenal. There are also many different auxiliary equipment
  • The control system is quite easy, you will not take much time to get acquainted with the game
  • Get a chance to get different gift cards like Easter eggs, prize boxes, helicopters, flammable crates and many other interesting gifts. These will give you an advantage before going into the match, making it easier to win
  • New upgrades and improvements in the shooter genre
  • A variety of different skins to equip weapons
  • Stunning images, smooth experience

Download AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter MOD APK

Game AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter brings intensive shooting gameplay for those who like to be a sniper with a sniper. So it will not be like other shooters of the same genre. Currently you can only register in advance via the link below. As soon as the game is officially released, we will update AWP Mode: Sniper Online Shooter MOD APK as soon as possible. Please look forward to it!

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