Dowload Balls Rotate MOD APK v1.6.0 ( NO ADS) for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Voodoo
  • OS Android
  • Size 17M
  • Version 1.6.0
  • MOD Features No Ads
  • Get it on Google Play


You will be addicted by Balls Rotate – Voodoo’s new game

Balls Rotate is an entertaining game of Voodoo, released not long ago. The Rotate Balls version for iOS has been released since the beginning of April, but it is not until the end of April that the Android version is released. With the iOS version on the AppStore, the game quickly ranked fairly high in the Puzzle category (ranked first and not long ago and is currently the top 8). As for the version on Google Play, Rotate Balls have received over 1 million downloads along with more than 6 thousand turns of edits after just 1 week of launch. Through the article below, you will know how to play Rotate Balls game and how to download games to your device. There will be a Rotate Balls version MOD APK for you to choose.

Unique labyrinth with colorful balls

Balls Rotate still bears the familiar style that Voodoo often does, it is a very simple way of playing, only with colorful balls that somehow are so addictive. Join the game, you will still continue the adventure journey with small balls with extremely sophisticated labyrinth system. Your only task in this game is to rotate the maze so that small balls can fall down the bottom tube, which will be the next maze you need to overcome. You need to find the correct path so that the balls can roll right under the lower maze without falling out. When the number of balls falling to the lower pipe reaches the target, you will pass that level and continue to play the new level. Just like that you will play until you complete all levels of the game. Rotate Balls will regularly update new levels for you to experience.

The later the mazes will be more sophisticatedly designed with many paths, you must really skillfully rotate the maze so that the balls can go in the direction they want without being stuck in the maze. The more intricate these are, the harder it will be to pass that level. Try to complete those levels with the best performance, the more balls you can put into the tube, the higher your score, the higher your score will be. If you put all the balls in the tube, you will achieve “Perfect”. So set a goal to complete all levels with the level of completion is Perfect.

Through each level, the number of balls in the labyrinth will increase and appear more balls with different colors. That means it will be more difficult for you to put them in the bottom tube. And each level, the labyrinths will also change colors for you to play games without being bored, these colors are very bright and eye-catching. How to control Rotate Balls game is easy, just touch the screen and rotate them in whatever direction you want, to create a path for the balls to fall to the next labyrinth.

Dowload Balls Rotate MOD APK

Game Balls Rotate offers an extremely addictive gameplay, and you can play the game for free, anywhere. But one thing that makes every player uncomfortable when experiencing Balls Rotate game is that the ads appear too many times while playing. Therefore, we created Balls Rotate MOD APK version with NO ADS feature, you can play the game without any annoying ads, and you don’t need to turn off the Internet connection when playing. You can download the game from the link below.

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