Black Clover Phantom Knights MOD APK v1.1.1 (Dumb Enemy) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Bandai Namco
  • OS Android
  • Size 83M
  • Version 1.1.1
  • MOD Features Dumb Enemy
  • Get it on Google Play


As you know, Bandai Namco is a famous game company in the entertainment market. They often develop role-playing games inspired by popular Japanese comics. Some popular brands such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, … were all adapted by Bandai Namco into many attractive games. Recently, they continued to release another manga-themed game, the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

The Black Clover Phantom Knights is based on the hit manga, Black Clover. Accordingly, it was developed with the familiar role-playing strategy game that Bandai Namco has often done with their products. Immediately after being introduced, this game quickly received the attention of the gaming community. It is because of the attraction of the game’s developer, whichever game they create gets the interest of the player.

Content of the game

A little introduction to the inspiration of this game Black Clover Phantom Knights. Black Clover is a popular manga written and illustrated by YĆ«ki Tabata. Accordingly, the plot of this series revolves around the two main characters Asta and Yuno in a fantasy world where everyone has magic. However Asta was born with absolutely no ability to use strength to fight. On the contrary, Yuno has strong magic and mysterious identity. Both of them went on a journey to compete to see who would become the strongest Magic King. And this is also the story of the game for you to explore.

Strategic role-playing game

Join the game, you will play the leader of a brigade of Magic Knights and create their own squad of favorite characters to protect the kingdom. You can choose from the members of the Magic Knights of Clover Kingdom, members of the Diamond Kingdom army and members of the White Night Eye. The game has a whole new story focusing on its original characters who are also you.

Black Clover Phantom Knights will follow the familiar auto card method of gacha games like this. And your goal is to find enough resources to turn to the star level generals as high as possible. The game also supports auto in battle.

Images and sounds

Players have expected a nice graphics and visual background from this game. However, the Black Clover Phantom Knights bring a somewhat outdated graphics platform, like the previous generation games on handhelds. It’s not bright, the character model is also quite simple. It is hard to understand when Bandai Namco has a backwardness when this game does not have nice graphics compared to the games they developed before. But in return, cut scenes or when characters communicate with each other is represented by beautiful 3D frames like watching anime. The sound and voice of the game is quite well completed, bringing the familiarity like when you watch the animated version.

Download Black Clover Phantom Knights MOD APK

Once again Bandai Namco brings a high quality mobile game. However, the Black Clover Phantom Knights only bring attractive gameplay, but the image is not appreciated. The graphics of this game are not as good as games like Dragon Ball Legends or ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. But anyway, this is also an attractive role-playing game that you should not miss. Role-playing gameplay combining tactics compensated for the unimpressive image of the Black Clover Phantom Knights.

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