Blade X Lord APK MOD v1.1.4 download for Android

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  • Publisher Applibot Inc
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  • Size 65
  • Version 1.1.4
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Blade X Lord APK will be a new role-playing game developed by Hisatoshi Hayakashi. If you do not know, he is the old executive producer of two cult RPGs Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. Moreover, he is also the former CEO of Alim, the game company responsible for the release of the above two titles. It is an attractive role-playing game, loved by players around the world. And Blade X Lord is their promising project.

Accordingly, the game Blade X Lord is released by a famous Japanese gaming company, Applibot Inc. The game has just been released on October 24 recently. It is currently available on both Google Play and AppStore, but is only a local version for Japanese players. After playing Blade X Lord, we created a review of the game in the article below. We will then provide a link to download the game for you.

Traditional role-playing game

Join the game, you will feel the familiarity of the gameplay of the classic role-playing game genre. Accordingly, you will control a main character and your teammates and explore the open world with many diverse locations. Each character will have 4 different skills, and each skill has different advantages and disadvantages. You will rely on that to choose the right character and your own style of play. Every skill you use will take time to heal, so you’ll have to choose the right time to perform those moves. If you know how, you can form powerful combos.

Regarding the control system, the game is designed quite simply and easily to get used to. You will play the game in a vertical screen style quite fancy. All combat skills keys are integrated at the bottom of the screen, so you can easily select and view the match at the top.

Images and sounds

In terms of image, Blade X Lord still has the familiar anime style as the previous two predecessors, Brave Frontier and FF: Brave Exvius. However, it will be slightly upgraded in terms of image quality because this game was developed at the latest. It is equipped with a high quality 3D graphic background, bringing extremely sharp images. The highlight of every Anime role-playing game is the eye-catching character creation, so is Blade X Lord.

Not only outstanding images, sound of the game is also carefully invested. The game brings vivid sound effects and especially the eloquent background music. The game offers a diverse background music list recorded by famous artists. You can enjoy these music through the game’s homepage at the end of the article.

Download Blade X Lord APK

Overall, Blade X Lord is an impressive role-playing game in terms of both gameplay and visuals. The most notable feature of this game is the plot, combat system and an entirely different open world compared to other games of the same genre. Moreover, you can be assured because the game was developed by a famous unit, they have created many hit game titles before. It has now been released, but only in the Japanese domestic market. We hope that the international version of Blade X Lord will be released soon. If you want to try the game, you can still download it with our Blade X Lord APK.

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