Blue Wars APK v1.0.5 - Download for Android, iOS

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  • Publisher China
  • OS Android
  • Size 1.5GB
  • Version 1.0.5
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Blue Wars is a strategy game with a war theme on the sea that many gamers care about in recent days. On this day, the game was released so players can play it with the APK version. This is a mobile game produced by Beijing Technology Company Babel Times. If you are looking for a strategy game that feels new and unlike any other game, Blue Wars will be a great choice for you.

Background of the game

War topics are always interested in many game developers, and the number of players who love this game genre is also very much. Accordingly, Blue Wars game is set in the context of sea war between countries during World War II. In the game, you will proceed to collect warships in World War II of countries like Japan. Copy, United States, England, Nazi Germany, etc. and organize 6 teams to engage enemy ships.

Peak sea wars

Entering the game, you will be able to watch videos of familiar anime-style games. Soon, they will communicate with the NPC to take on missions on a battleship and prepare for the dramatic battles of Blue Wars. You can skip this section by pressing Skip. An interesting point of the game is that you can establish an oath to your ship as an honorary promise to fight other warships. The game is divided into 2 parts on the screen: on the left is the character you play the role of controlling the boat, on the right is the extension like the map, allowing you to observe the entire sea space.

By radar system, the boat will recognize enemy ships in the scope of the measured radius. You will launch bullets from warships to attack your enemies. Successful destruction will be assessed via SS, A, B … and receive the corresponding reward. The game offers many different game modes for you to experience as a single player or team mode. Another interesting mode is shooting by campaign, similar to the way the platformer game plays. The legion feature allows you to join alliances to grow together.

Images and sounds

As for images, Blue Wars game is created with high quality 3D graphics in Japanese Anime style. You will be fascinated by creating extremely cute characters in the game, like images of 3D Anime movies. The visual effects such as fire, smoke, … are created extremely beautiful to make the game more vivid. Besides, the main lobby interface and gameplay interface are presented quite familiar and intuitive for players to easily observe and control. The voiceover is done quite nicely with cute character voices. Along with that, the sound effects are very well integrated, in every situation so that the game is more attractive.

Download Blue Wars APK

Having just debuted for a few days, Blue Wars quickly received the attention of players around the world. It is also a way to play war on the sea but this game makes an impression with the Anime image style, instead of being as realistic as the other games of the same genre. Currently the game is released, but not yet available on Google Play or AppStore and there is no official information for the release via these two app markets. But interested readers can still experience this great game through our Blue Wars APK version below.

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