Board Kings MOD APK v3.25.0 (Unlimited Coins) download

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  • Publisher Jelly Button Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 82M
  • Version 3.25.0
  • MOD Features Unlimited Coins
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Board Kings MOD APK is an interesting board game for many players. The game is a product of Jelly Button – a developer once famous for the Pirate Kings game. This game combines features from the classic chess board games that everyone knows. From there, creating a gameplay that is both familiar and has new features. Therefore, the game has received more than 10 million downloads along with nearly 400 thousand votes from players. In the following article, we will show you how to play the game. Then there will be the download of Board Kings MOD APK game for you.


The game uses the dice shake pattern to move and earn gold coins at each passing cell. Then you use the money to build your own city. The player’s task is to roll the dice, move your character around the board according to the number of dice that you hit. Collect coins and build buildings, creating a prosperous city. In addition, you also have the opportunity to win additional rewards when you set foot on a special brick.

There will be many different buildings on the board and each building will have its own function. There are 4 major buildings including gem bank, gold storehouse, police headquarters and train station. When you arrive at the location of the gem bank or gold store, you will receive the number of gems and gold depending on the population density in the city. Police headquarters help you manage security and catch thieves from infiltrating your city. The terminal helps players move to other cities and loots other players. Increasingly, the player’s city is expanding, more buildings are growing, a population is bigger, and your city management work is more complex.

There are many types of cities for you to unlock such as candy city, pirate city, modern city of future world …. They will be unlocked when you reach a certain number of residents.

Destroy and plunder other cities

As mentioned, each player will develop a land into a rich and prosperous city. In addition to building, you also have to attack and destroy the city of other players, to make you richer. You have to spend a few cents to buy a train ticket and move to another city. But the goal that you go to other cities is not small, it is to destroy their achievements to possess your city. You can rob money or occupy their whole land. But to do that, you have to accept the danger. That’s when you go to other people’s cities, your cities will be in danger. And you can easily encounter the police in the city of other players.

Protect your city

If you only focus on destroying someone else’s city, then your city will be in danger. Your land can also be hacked and vandalized by other people at any time. You need to be constantly alert to prevent an attack. What you need to do is put a police car on the aisle to keep an eye on the bad guys. When an intruder comes, the police will immediately drive away from your land.

Unlock new topic

As you progress in the game and make your residents happy, you will have the opportunity to develop for the larger and more beautiful city. The more you improve, the more beautiful and prosperous your land. Currently, the game has more than 15 tables, and you need to unlock it to play these tables. Developers are constantly adding new levels in the new updates.

DownloadBoard Kings MOD APK

Overall, Board Kings is a great game for you and your friends. This game will help you have fun meetings, play games together. You can invite your friends to join the game at any time. It is great to join the friends in the board game entertainment. Tens of millions of players have downloaded Board Kings to play, how about you? The following is the link to download the Board Kings MOD APK game for you to download.

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