Booty Farm MOD APK v6.0 (Unlimited Money) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Tender Troupe
  • OS Android
  • Size 51MB
  • Version 6.0
  • MOD Features Increasing Coins, Gems
  • Get it on Google Play


Booty Farm MOD APK is an adult-themed farm game, released on the Nutaku platform by publisher Tender Troupe, famous for adult games. This game has been released quite a long time ago and until now has received the love of players worldwide. The reason is, the favorite game is because the farm play is combined with the emotional content and the psychology of players. Here I will introduce you to the interesting points in this game, then provide the download link for Booty Farm MOD APK for you to choose.

Introducing Nutaku

About Nutaku publisher, maybe you are no longer strange about them anymore. Nutaku is a platform for playing adult games with mostly hentai games. The company’s headquarters are located in Canada and they offer mature content games. The platform focuses on browser games, downloadable and mobile games for free with micro transactions and can be purchased. In previous articles, we have introduced you to some famous games of Nutaku platform such as FAP CEO, Booty Calls, Pocket Waifu. These are all games with adult content but combined with different themes. And the theme of this Booty Farm game will be the farm.

The story of the game

Participating in the game you will be immersive into a rich player. Your uncle left you a farm in a poor countryside. This farm is old and no longer valuable, and of course for someone who doesn’t want to work and play like you, your intention is to sell the farm right away for money. Your intention is to use the proceeds from that farm to go back to the city and continue your regular meals and dating. But before selling that farm, you meet Mandy, the sexy and beautiful peasant girl. Mandy tells you that in the village there is a shortage of men and she is very lonely, needing a man by her side. And then she convinced you to stay in this poor countryside to develop the farm. And from there you will have the opportunity to earn a lot of money with the assistant to find and get acquainted with many other beautiful and attractive girls.

Farm play

Booty Farm has developed a gameplay that combines two distinct game styles, farm simulator and visual novel. In this game you will get acquainted with how to grow the farm while getting acquainted and pursuing 12 different girls in that poor town. Although they are poor girls in the countryside, but they are all beautiful girls with fiery bodies, you will be attracted at first sight. Whether you can pursue those girls or not depends on the ability to flirt and the money you earn from that farm.

The agricultural aspect has a kind of production line of style of purchase of online style. Making money in this game is very important, so you must find a way to make a profit from that farm. In addition to planting plants and animals on your own, you can choose to trade wisely to earn money in this game. A business method you need to know, even in real life it is “buy cheap, sell expensive”. You have to learn the market to find the lower priced items, then rotate it to sell at a high price.

As for dating elements and s.e.x in the game, you can make any relationship with any girl when you’re rich and become the boss. You are the boss so you can learn and date any girl in the village, but not that simple. You must have the skills to pursue girls with different personalities. You can then date, spend the night with them, be able to stay on your farm.

MOD features

  • Increasing coins
  • Increasing Gems

Download Booty Farm MOD APK

With the perfect combination of farm game genre and emotional psychological content for adults, Booty Farm gives you a feeling of unprecedented experience. And the following is the link to download the game Booty Farm MOD APK for you.

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