Boris and the Dark Survival APK v1.12 (MOD Unlimited Endurance)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Joey Drew Studios
  • OS Android
  • Size 144M
  • Version 1.12
  • MOD Features Unlimited Endurance
  • Get it on Google Play


Boris and the Dark Survival APK is a spinoff of the hit Bendy game. As you know, Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror adventure game developed and published by Kindly Beast under the name of Joey Drew Studios. After that game, Joey released another spinoff version, BendyBendy in Nightmare Run. Both versions are loved by many players. Therefore, this third version of Boris and the Dark Survival was released on February 10.

Accordingly, Boris and the Dark Survival is posted on Google Play but not free. To download the game, you need to spend nearly 1 dollar, a very small price. This new version still brings horror adventure gameplay, combining familiar puzzles. But you will be playing another Bendy character, Boris the Wolf. This is a character that is very familiar to those who love the popular game Bendy.

New story about Boris the Wolf

Coming to the game, you will play Boris the Wolf, a companion of the cartoon Bendy. The story begins as you hunt through the abandoned animation studio to get the items Boris needs. Not just looking for items, you will discover the mysteries in the mysterious animation studio with your character. You will face the dangers and fears in the cold rooms. The Ink Demon is constantly stalking you, be wary of his agility and danger!

Horror puzzle play

The gameplay of Boris and the Dark Survival game is not too new. Still will be a puzzle adventure style with horror elements. This is the branded gameplay of the Bendy series. Your task in this game is still to explore the scary house to find the mystery behind it. You need to solve puzzles to complete the task. Thereby, you will gradually understand the plot of the game.

You control the familiar character Boris the Wolf and move in the house. In the process of solving puzzle trees and exploring, you must pay attention to the appearance of Ink Demon. He can appear at any time so you have to be on high alert. As for the controls, you’ll have a familiar omnidirectional scroll button. To change the viewing angle, you can drag or zoom directly on your phone screen.

3D multi-dimensional graphics

Like the horror adventure games of Joey Drew Studios before, Boris and the Dark Survival brings extremely impressive images. It was developed with high-quality 3D graphics, no less than PC games. In terms of visual style, this new version is still the same as the previous Bendy mobile games. It is an image of a gloomy style, with two dominant colors being black of the darkness and yellow of the light. You can observe every location in that scary house thanks to the 360-degree rotation angle. Just touch and rotate the screen, you will see other angles. That adds to the horror of the game, especially when the Ink Demon lurks behind you.

Main features

  • Horror adventure gameplay combines puzzles
  • Overcome the Ink Demon or become his next victim
  • Please scavenge to deliver and keep yourself moving
  • Always pay attention to your endurance
  • Discover the hidden unlocking hidden in the dark
  • Revealing more about the shady plot of Joey Drew Studios

Download Boris and the Dark Survival APK

Overall Boris and the Dark Survival is a pretty interesting game, although it is not as excellent as the original Bendy game. The plot of this new version is also somewhat simpler, you can quickly solve. Perhaps that’s why this game is sold at such a low price, much cheaper than Bendy and the Ink Machine. Immediately following will be the link to download the game Boris and the Dark Survival APK for you to download.

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