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Review Brave Frontier – JRPG pinnacle of

Brave Frontier is a tactical RPG with turnbase (turn-based play) developed by Alim Studio and published by This game was released a long time ago, but has always been popular with many players. If you play games, you will never be bored, and developers often add new features after updates.

When participating in the game, you will enter a place called “Grand Gaia” – the world of gods. Here you play the role of a Summoner (your summoner) and your task is to find and summon monsters, the strongest warriors against the attempt to destroy the world of evil god Maxwell. In the game you will be immersed in the fanciful mythical world with over 200 different characters, countless lands to explore. Here are the detailed reviews of this game, then Brave Frontier download link MOD APK for you.

Mid-range graphics

Graphics in the game Brave Frontier is designed quite eye-catching with the style of Japanese-style Japanese, but image quality only stops in 2D, not too prominent compared to other games of the same genre. The plus point is to create a character image that is quite eye-catching and each character has its own point in the drawing, not duplicated even though the characters in the game are very diverse. After you upgrade, your character is much more beautifully shaped than when you first started possessing that character. The game’s exterior is beautifully designed and plentiful, ranging from vast green steppes to crimson volcanoes, or dark gloomy castles all present in the game. The visual effects of the game are quite nice but not varied.


Japan is a prominent country in composing music and sound effects in the game, especially RPG series. And of course Brave Frontier has also developed an excellent sound system. Attractive and varied background music, help us feel the peace when we return to the village, or enjoy the atmosphere in the battle. The sound effects of well-crafted strikes give you the most amazing experience. One advice for you is that when you play, you have to turn on the sound to get the most vivid experience. In general, the sound of the game is more appreciated by the players than the graphics.

Play the role playing pinnacle

Brave Frontier brings the gameplay of the JRPG series, though quite simple but extremely attractive. If anyone has played through the JRPG line, you can easily start the game immediately, if you have not played this game genre, it is easy to get acquainted with the tutorial system when joining the game. You will start by selecting one of the four original units (Starter) with properties: Earth, Thunder, Water, Fire. Any role-playing game, when you first start, your character will be weak and the character can be strong or not depending entirely on your development.

There are all 6 in-game attributes and similarities: Earth vs lightning, lightning vs water and water vs fire, darkness and light. Based on the properties of the properties, the characters in the game can choose moves to deal more damage to the opponent. You need to research and understand their properties and remedies to have the most logical strategy in the matches.

Your main task in the game is to defeat the evil gods, in your adventure adventure you will meet companions like the cute fairy Tilith, the kindhearted Karl, the gruesome old lady … and Many other characters, you can explore for yourself to feel the essence of the story. In addition, the game offers many unique features compared to other RPGs like Brave Burst – special skills, Evolution, Arena, …

MOD features

Vesions 1

  • 0 Energy Cost (Quests + Vortex)
  • God Mode (Quest + Vortex + Arena)
  • Instant Brave Burst
  • Instant Super Brave Burst
  • Instant BB Overdrive
  • 0 Key Cost (Parades)
  • Parades Always Open

Versions 2

  • 0 Energy Cost (Quests + Vortex)
  • 0 Key Cost (Parades)
  • Parades Always Open
  • Instant Win! (Quests + Vortex)

Download Brave Frontier MOD APK

Overall Brave Frontier is a compelling game, appreciated for gameplay, and the image is not impressive or outstanding. Compared to other 2D role-playing games, Brave Frontier is more prominent in both image and sound system. Here is the link Brave Frontier game download MOD APK for you.

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