Download BuildTopia APK v2.1.10 by NetEase for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher NetEase
  • OS Android
  • Size 1.7GB
  • Version 2.1.10
  • MOD Features No
  • Get it on Google Play


Just entering the new month, NetEase continues to fever the gaming community with a new survival game called BuildTopia. This is a promising product in the coming time of the Chinese game company, it is now released via the homepage with BuildTopia version APK, while the official version for Google Play will probably be released in a short time. NetEase had previously introduced its new game through posts, images and videos, but these games have not been released yet. And this BuildTopia game has appeared unexpectedly without any previous notice.

BuildTopia game is developed based on Fortnite’s image style but its gameplay is similar to the popular Minecraft game for many years. Maybe BuildTopia will be a great combination between survival games and construction games. Here, you can refer to the outstanding features as well as the gameplay of BuildTopia, and finally the link to download the game for you. Don’t miss out on this remarkable product of NetEase’s survival game.

The survival war between 100 players

Basically, BuildTopia is an RCS-style survival game, the game has revolutionized the gameplay based on classic FPS games, creating a new way of playing more attractive. You will enter the BuildTopia world survival journey along with 99 other players around the world. The battle took place until the rest of the players were alive after dramatic fighting. Your task in the game is to find materials to build bases, manufacture weapons, fight to defend the base and destroy opponents to be able to win.

In the game’s scene, you’ll use hammers to destroy various elements, then collect resources to build buildings for your base. In terms of building elements we can see that BuildTopia is very similar to building in Minecraft games. The map in the game is very wide, you can move reasonably to find for yourself the appropriate location to develop the base. Also in this large world, you will face many enemies who are other players, attack and destroy their buildings.

In addition to building your own buildings, you must also use the collected resources to build weapons. The system of weapons in the game is quite diverse, most of them are guns that can automatically shoot for new players. The controls in the game are nothing new compared to NetEase’s previously released survival games, which will still be a touch control via virtual keys on a mobile phone screen.

High quality 3D 360-degree images

The image is also a strong point of the BuildTopia game being appreciated by many players. Applying a 360-degree rotation, the game allows you to rotate every direction, every angle, so you can see the whole landscape as well as the battlefield. Along with that is sharp 3D image quality, developed based on the most modern imaging technologies, bringing an extremely vivid world. When you look at it, you will see that BuildTopia’s image style is very similar to Fortnite’s game about both landscape and character design, weapons. Add to that the light effects, eye-catching visual effects designed for the game while fighting is more beautiful.

Download BuildTopia APK

Possessing a Fortnite-like image style, but the gameplay is somewhat similar to Minecraft, it can be seen that BuildTopia is a “clone” style game, which NetEase often did before with their game. But anyway, BuildTopia is still an attractive game that you should not ignore. Right below will be the download link game BuildTopia official APK with 1.7GG capacity for you to download the game and experience.

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