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Caliber is the latest TPS game released by Wargaming, a popular mobile game developer. If you do not know, then this game company was founded by Victor Kislyi and headquartered in the Republic of Cyprus. They once brought to the market entertainment a series of famous tank shooting games of World of Tanks, and another hot product is World of Warships Blitz. And Caliber is the latest project of this developer, promising to bring a new experience for players in the future.

This game was developed at the end of 2016, and began testing in 2017. But Wargaming only limited the testing area to CIS countries during that time, and now after being sure about everything. Caliber is also preparing to launch Western gamers in the upcoming closed beta and will be released in the form of free to play. Currently this game is in the process of finishing and allowing players to register in advance via the homepage. And the official release date has not been announced yet. But through promotional videos, we were able to evaluate this game. In the following article, we will give a brief review of Caliber, before this game is officially released.

Dramatic shooting gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game was developed with tactical shooting style with a third person perspective. But the most prominent feature of this game compared to other traditional shooters is a very diverse character system, divided into many layers for you to choose. Accordingly, there will be 5 different character classes: assault, medic, support, and sniper. They correspond to fast and compact sweeping gameplay, blood pumping, support for good teammates in fighting and finally remote sniping. The division of this class to shape the gameplay for the character and each class will have different equipment to match. We take, for example, medic classes will carry more medicine than ammunition, and the support will be held in the hands of heavy weapons to suppress the enemy,

Caliber set 4 vs 4 combat in many interactive maps. Therefore, the game will bring a closer experience to Rainbow Six Siege (with the mechanism of true environmental damage such as bullet shots will be saved). The game also has PvE mode, in which players will face AI, it’s quite attractive, not as simple as other shooters. Besides, the player can choose one of the numerous equipment that the game provides. Includes a main, extra and special weapon, as well as five pieces of equipment: helmet, armor, uniform, boots and gloves. In addition, other equipment such as unmanned aircraft, bombs and armored shield appeared in the matches.

Surreal 3D graphics

This is not just a game, it’s more than a game. You will have a feeling of being immersed in the brutal war in Caliber by the authenticity of the game. Caliber is invested to develop with 3D graphics, based on the best graphic development tools available today. From there a beautiful 3D graphics with sharp display is created, giving you the feeling of true experience, no less than PC games. In addition to the explosive sounds of bombs and bullets, the stimulation and excitement will increase while you experience the game.

Download Caliber APK

Recently introduced a few days ago, Caliber quickly received the attention of the gaming community around the world, partly because of the excellent quality of the game, and partly because of the influence from home. Wargaming developer. Below will link to the homepage of Caliber game for you to register in advance and we will update the link to download the game as soon as possible to the reader, please wait for it!

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