Chess Rush MOD APK v1.8.613 (Tencent) download for Android

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  • Publisher Tencent
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  • Size 89M
  • Version 1.8.613
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Autochess is currently a type of game that many players love. It saddened after the unexpected success of Dota Auto Chess, a mod for Dota 2, developed by Drodo Studio (China). And the mobile game market has welcomed many game products similar to Dota Auto Chess, including Dota Underlords of Valve, Teamfight Tactics of Riot Games or Drodo Studio’s Auto Chess and Dragonest Game. Each version has a unique feature, but the overall look is still a strategy game with a familiar chessboard.

Before the opportunity could not be better, the world’s leading game company now Tencent also stepped into this popular game genre. They have just released this new Auto Chess strategy game called Chess Rush. Currently Chess Rush game is available on AppStore and Google Play so players can easily download the experience. Let’s see if Tencent’s new product can compete with popular games like Dota Undelords or Auto Chess.

Strategic play according to the board

Chess Rush still carries a familiar tactical play style, allowing you to participate in dignity chess matches according to the 8×8 chessboard format. Each match in Chess Rush is still the match of 8 players together, the winner is the one who stays the last. The impressive point of this game is that the general system is up to more than 50 generals. Each champion is designed with a different appearance along with his own fighting skills that you need to learn about.

The most outstanding feature of Chess Rush is the fast gameplay with the duration of each match only about 10 minutes in Turbo Mode. Games with other genres like Underlords or Teamfight Tactics, you will have to spend 30 to 40 minutes per game, like playing games on a PC. If the match is so long, then the game will take a lot of phone batteries and players have to spend a lot of time. But with Chess Rush, you can easily experience the game in just 10 minutes, the game will be faster and more dramatic.

An indispensable feature in Chess Rush is the balance between players. That is, you cannot use money to buy advantages for the match, but you must use your own power. When the game starts, everyone plays the same. The most important factor leading to victory in this game is only tactics. In addition, you are invited to join your friends and start the 2vs2 Co-op mode. You will have the opportunity to compete with players from all over the world.

Graphics and sound

Perhaps you already know about the developer Tencent’s impressive point, that is, they bring to the market the best quality graphics possible. And this latest Chess Rush game is also invested by Tencent with high quality 3D graphics, bringing the best experience on mobile. With such a diverse character game, Chess Rush draws the attention of players by creating an eye-catching character, which can be angels, monsters or legendary characters … Light effects, shadow effects, or explosive effects will create a realistic game of Chess Rush. Along with that are the live sound effects created for dramatic matches on the 8×8 chess board.

Download Chess Rush MOD APK

Chess Rush of Tencent can be seen with attractive tactical gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics. So we can confirm that this is a high quality game that is not inferior to the current category of products like Dota Underlords or Auto Chess. Here will be the link for you to download Chess Rush game and experience!

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