Chick Wars MOD APK v1.49 (MEGA MOD) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Hooligapps
  • OS Android
  • Size 91MB
  • Version 1.469
  • MOD Features MEGA MOD
  • Get it on Google Play


Chick Wars is a turn-based tactical RPG developed by Hooligapps and released on the Nutaku platform with some adult content. The game is multi-platform supported, both for PC, Mobile and online web play. In the Nutaku games we introduced earlier are simulation, farm or puzzle games, but Chick Wars has extremely attractive role-playing strategy, which can stimulate players thanks to the adult content.

The story of the game

The plot of the Chick Wars game is created vaguely and not in any direction, giving players the freedom to explore and experience but you will still play according to the instructions of the game. You are a farmer from a broken family and you dream of power and wealth. But you don’t grow your wealth with a business or hire, you collect armies to conquer the world. You need to train your army and take them to join the battle without ending.

The game is not like the other adult games on Nutaku but will be a game of role-playing strategy genre. Before each battle, you have a short chat with your opponent, but they don’t appear as much. Then there will be the fight, it is just entertaining rather than too fierce or require tactics from the player.

Graphics and sound

The most outstanding feature of the Chick Wars game is the image, it is loved by all players and appreciated. The game was developed with high quality animated 3D graphics. You will be excited by the game’s character system, they are perfectly designed. Girls with different looks, they have sexy faces and extremely attractive bodies. The main menu and game map are also very rich and visually designed to easily observe. There will be sexy images in the form of static images.

In addition to eye-catching images thanks to the charming character system, the sound system in Chick Wars is also a plus that you will enjoy. The sound in the game is designed in a harmonious and pleasant way, not being mixed by many different sounds. Sound effects of the game will not be repeated many times, because it will be boring, even annoying for players. This is a point that Chick Wars game has done well compared to other games of the same genre.

  • Draw alliance cards: Easily remove locked tournament cards at any stage
  • Battle Speed ​​4x: combat speed increased from 2x to 4x
  • Development costs reduced by -40%: 30% of cards will be sacrificed during development
  • Unlimited currency: Unlimited all currencies in the game
  • Reward coefficient: All rewards are multiplied by the given value
  • VIP 1-20: play at VIP level (1-20),
  • Damage and health multiplier (not recommended): multiply the damage by the given value
  • Gems Gems Mod (passive): default value is 10 gems: the next gem is multiplied by VIP level (if your VIP level is 10, you will receive 100 gems each time) click)
  • Automatic combat (Passive): easily fight enemies without control
  • PVP chests can start opening all (Passive): start opening all pvp cooldown

Download Chick Wars MOD APK

Overall this is a fascinating game, giving you an extremely interesting experience, not just a role-playing game but also makes you feel excited with hot girls, Extremely captivating. And below is the link to download Chick Wars game MOD APK for you.

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