Color Hole 3D MOD APK v1.2.14 (No Ads) download for Android

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  • Publisher Good Job Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 31M
  • Version 1.2.14
  • MOD Features No Ads
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Feel the satisfaction with Color Hole 3D – New Game of Good Job Games

Good Job Games – entertainment game company is now being loved by many people. They offer extremely simple games with 3D graphics and a satisfying gameplay for the players, surely you will be addicted by that style. Today we introduce you to a new addictive game of Good Job Games, called Color Hole 3D. This game has just been released a few days ago. Android version has been released, but a few days later for iOS version. As usual, before providing a link to download the Color Hole 3D MOD APK game for you, we will briefly introduce the game’s gameplay.

Addictive gameplay

Any Good Job Games game has a style that is very easy to play, but to master and overcome all the gameplay is not simple at all. Game Color Hole 3D is developed with simple gameplay, only a single game mode, until you can complete all levels of the game. But the game will continually add new levels after the updates so you can experience it. So what is your task in this Color Hole 3D game? Simply suck all the white blocks into the black hole.

As you can see in the image below, there will be a small black hole with colorful blocks and some colored blocks, and you need to use that black hole to suck all the white blocks without letting any Every other block of color falls into the hole. If another color block falls into the hole, you will have to play it from the beginning of that level. Just draw all the white blocks into the hole, you can pass that level and go to the next level. All that is, but you can hardly overcome more than 100 existing levels of the game.

At the beginning, the levels are quite easy for you to get used to, but the later the levels will be harder. When blocks of color appear a lot and they are placed close to the white blocks, they are easy to fall into the pit, not under your control. How to play the game is quite easy, you just touch the screen then move in any direction to suck the white blocks into the black hole. So are you sure to overcome more than 100 levels of Color Hole 3D? Try it!

Colorful 3D graphics

All images in the game only have small blocks lined up carefully, but image quality is invested with impressive 3D technology. The colorful blocks are lined up beautifully, but you will suck them all into the hole, creating a very satisfying feeling, just like when you play Domino. The game’s background will also change constantly so that you don’t have to be bored.

Download Color Hole 3D MOD APK

Overall Color Hole 3D is an entertaining game, does not require thinking or too much skill from players. Surely you will feel refreshed and happy when playing it. With the Color Hole 3D MOD APK version we offer, you can play comfortable games without encountering annoying ads, even when you turn on the network on your cgame game device.

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