Cookies Must Die MOD APK v1.0.6 (Unlimited Diamonds) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Rebel Twins
  • OS Android
  • Size 93M
  • Version 1.0.6
  • MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
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Cookies Must Die MOD APK is an extremely addictive shooting action game. This game was released by Rebel Twins, a game company quite famous for many hit games. Among them are two versions of the Dragon Hills game, which received tens of millions of downloads. Cookies Must Die, which was just released on February 5, is the latest product of this developer. Usually, other action games let you play warriors and heroes to fight other characters. But in Cookies Must Die, you will control a cake and the enemies are genetically engineered foods.

Special story

Join the game, you will follow the main character is Jack, to start an exciting adventure journey. Jack is a super secret agent trusted by government scientists. He has a special ability to be implanted by those scientists. His mission as well as yours is to fight to defeat the mutants that appear in the city. They are the result of research, but with evil intentions. Therefore, you need to help Jack accomplish this noble task. You will choose the best weapons to join Jack on the battlefield, defeating all people in the way. With your ingenious skills, kill the mutants that are causing the city in turmoil.

This is a destruction, without mercy. If you do not destroy those mutants, they will destroy you. It is interesting that these mutants are not very animals or animals. They are mutant foods like deadly jelly, angry biscuits, threatening chocolate, etc.They seem like sweet foods, but they are extremely dangerous.

Funny action play

Cookies Must Die is a fairly simple action shooter. Fast-paced game with easy-to-play gameplay but hard to master. Your task is to control the main character to defeat every enemy in every level with unique weapons. Opponents will appear on your way, you need to timing the right time to be able to shoot down enemies. There are many weapons for you to change in each level.

When playing games, you just swipe to jump or run and use slow motion effects to shoot. This slow motion effect will help you shoot guns with extreme precision. The slow motion effect makes the whole game feel like you are in the Matrix. As you walk through the corridor filled with mutant biscuits, you can activate slow motion effects to take out the whole thing without pressing once. It sounds like a fairly simple gameplay, but when you experience it firsthand, you’ll find the challenges are not easy.

Funny pictures

With fun gameplay, Cookies Must Die is also developed with a pretty funny cartoon style. It is a system of characters formed in an eccentric, humorous and small stature. Because they are not humans or monsters, they are just foods. But they can move and fight. Even their fighting style is equally humorous. It is this unique visual style that is loved by many players. It makes a difference compared to other action games. The graphics of the Cookies Must Die game, although only 2D, but the display quality is still very sharp.

MOD information

Force a box purchase and get unlimited diamonds

Download Cookies Must Die MOD APK

We can see Cookies Must Die is really an entertaining action game. It is not too complicated or pressures on the player. Absolutely relaxing game and does not require too much on your thinking and skills. Surely you have never played such a unique action game. Right below will be the download link of Cookies Must Die MOD APK game for you to choose to download. To install the game, you first need to uninstall the original from Google Play. Then you download our APK file to install and can experience the game immediately.

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