Crystal Maidens MOD APK v1229 (Unlimited Energy/Skill Point) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Super Hippo
  • OS Android
  • Size 64MB
  • Version 1229
  • MOD Features Unlimited Energy/Skill Point
  • Get it on Google Play


Today we will continue to the series of games for adults, the famous series on Nutaku platform. Accordingly, the game we will introduce in this article will be a tactical role-playing game in real time. It’s called Crystal Maidens, created by the developer Super Hippo and released on the Nutaku platform, supporting Android and PC. This is not a new game, it has been released since early 2018. And so far it is still loved by many players thanks to its unique gameplay.

Crystal Maidens offers tactical role-playing, playing with players around the world. Along with that, extremely attractive love elements are added to increase the interest for the player. Along with beautiful images from 3D graphics, the game will bring you an extremely impressive experience. Below will be an introduction to the game, the last part is the download link for you game.

The plot of the game

You and your ship are wrecked on an unfamiliar island with a mysterious gate. You accidentally lost in a mysterious world and forced to enter a fierce battle with a dark force. And of course you can’t fight with your bare hands, there will be magic crystals to help you. All you need to do is summon a harem of beautiful witches to fight against this evil and free the witch in the world. Also in this game, you will enjoy the perfect beauty of beautiful, extremely hot girls. It is they who help you in battle, and satisfy you after the fight.

Real time strategy game

As a boss, you can collect girls to serve yourself. These girls not only have the ability to fight, but also provide entertainment cartoons for you to enjoy. You will be able to choose your girls to enter the real-time PvP battle. These battles will promote tactics, each game will have different tactics.

In the game, you have many different choices for battle. Devastating spells can be cast, split with an ax, pierced with an arrow, or mixed up. With the best player rankings system, you have to beat every opponent to climb to the top position. The higher you rank in the rankings, the more rewards you will receive. The mysterious place is where you fight. These could be lush forests, scorching deserts, snowy peaks or cold castles …

Enjoy these gorgeous girls

After each fight, you will admire the amazing beauty of the girls in this game. The game brings a lot of girls, each girl has its own personality. And especially in terms of appearance, they are extremely beautiful and hot. Especially the beauty of each girl has a unique feature, not the same that will make you fascinated. In addition, each of these girls has a different ability to fight and you will have to learn about that. To be able to defeat the enemy, you need to constantly upgrade your girls. Only when winning, will you be able to watch their hot videos.

Main features

  • You will collect and customize Maidens thanks to the complete equipment and system
  • Build and upgrade your buildings
  • Discover valuable rewards
  • Adventure in a big world with many strange things
  • Build your team, defeat your enemies
  • Earn rewards after every battle
  • Enjoy beautiful cartoons of hot girls
  • Realistic 3D images, especially cartoon scenes

Download Crystal Maidens MOD APK

Crystal Maidens game is highly entertaining. Point and click controls are easy to navigate and create a smooth experience for players. In addition, cutscenes push the story forward and really put the player in a state of lust. Overall this is a great game, you will definitely love it. For those who like an RTS game or some love cutscenes, Crystal Maidens is the best choice! This is a highly entertaining game, right here is the link to download the game Crystal Maidens MOD APK.

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