Download Cut It MOD APK v1.2.1 (NOD ADS) by Lion Studios

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  • Publisher Lion Studios
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  • Version 1.2.1
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Cut It – You will be addicted by this exciting game

Lion Studios is an emerging game company recently, the number of games they released is not much but any game is loved by the players because of the simplicity but addictive. Each game that Lion Studios, received 5-10 million downloads, the most prominent is the Love Ball game with 100 million downloads. Recently, this entertainment game company continues to release another interesting game called Cut It.

This Cut It game has just been released a few days ago, now available on Google Play and the free AppStore. It is a regular version, if you want to experience the game without ads, it will cost $ 3.99 to buy the VIP package of the game. However with our Cut It MOD APK version, you will not lose any money and still experience the comfortable game without being bothered by ads. Before downloading the game, you can learn a little bit about how to play the Cut It game below, the game download link will be located at the end of this article.

What is your mission? – Cut, cut and cut!

Game Cut It was developed in a way that could not be simpler, but it was simple to get used to and to complete all levels in the game it was not an easy thing. As its name implies, the only task in Cut It is just cutting. At each level, you will have to cut a picture into two or four equal parts. The area of ​​the cut sections must reach the right number so that you can overcome that level.

The area of ​​the slices you cut out will be calculated in%, then based on that number you will get the achievement of each level by stars (maximum of 3 stars). Accordingly, the closer the area of ​​the slices is, the more stars you can get. In the first few stages, you only need to cut the images into two slices, but the later levels you have to cut into 4 slices, so the difficulty of the game will increase. And the first levels, the images will have symmetrical points so you can easily cut into two equal parts.

Thus, your goal in the game Cut It is not simply to pass all the levels but to pass those levels with the best 3 stars. You can choose to get used to the game first, then play again to get 3 stars at all levels that have played or try to play it right away to get 3 stars.

About the controls, you won’t take a moment to get used to it. In the first screen, you will touch a position then drag and drop to cut. Then, you can use two fingers to drag a straight line and then move that line to the cutting position, when you see it correctly, you just need to remove your hand. All that is, try to conquer all levels of the game!

Download Cut It MOD APK

About the image, the game Cut It was developed similar to the previous games Lion Studios released with 2D quality quite simple but eye-catching. Overall, Cut It is a very entertaining game, you can play games or stop playing anytime you want. Below is the Cut It MOD APK download link with the ad removal feature for you.

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