Download Cyber ​​Hunter APK + OBB v0.100.318 for Android

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  • Publisher NetEase
  • OS Android
  • Size 2G
  • Version 0.100.318
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NetEase’s super product Cyber ​​Hunter has been officially released

Cyber ​​Hunter is a long time project of NetEase – the leading game company in the world today, the developer is said to be the boss of the survival game series with the number of survival games already and is preparing to release very large. After a long time of testing and for players to register in advance, in April last year, Cyber ​​Hunter was officially released by NetEase so that players can experience. Because before Cyber ​​Hunter was released it received the attention of many global gamers, so when it was officially released, it quickly created a new wave of survival games.

Maybe you know, NetEase often relies on other famous games to develop its game with some new features to catch the attention of players. As you can see in the picture below, Cyber ​​Hunter has developed the image style very similar to Fortnite of Epic Games and the gameplay is similar. However, when you experience directly you will discover many new and unique points of Cyber ​​Hunter, you will definitely love it.

Survival game with new features

Cyber ​​Hunter game opens a quantum virtual world in the near future, where science technology is more popular than ever. You will discover different elements, not simply survival games, such as shooting, exploration, skills, obstacles and survival. Coming to the game, you will still choose for yourself a character to begin the adventure journey to find the only person who survived the battle. This will be a war of justice with evil, new with the old.

Heroes in this new world have a superpower power, capable of controlling Quantum Cube energy into different structures. Create high turrets for defense and create tactical advantages, set up traps to retain enemies, mount radar to detect enemy accommodation and much more. All these missions are done and captured by you. Quantum Cube energy can easily be obtained in the quantum virtual world by breaking various objects on the battlefield, such as refrigerators, street lights, and fences.

The main features of Cyber ​​Hunter

  • Beautiful characters with realistic appearance: Not only characters in the game have special abilities but also have an eye-catching appearance, designed based on advanced technologies. In addition, they also get makeup with a variety of cosmetics.
  • Game skills and tactics: Skills and tactics are two important factors to decide to play in the game. In addition to the tactics you build at your disposal, you must have basic tactics such as optical camouflage, quantum barriers, invisible force fields, fire support.
  • Fly to the sky: You can fly in the sky or dive underwater, overcome obstacles to collect the necessary items for you. You will have the feeling of experiencing nothing more than adventure games
  • Discover and fight: You can unleash the discovery of places in this free world, including a 100-meter high waterfall, desert temple and swamp ruins. You will find the precious energy, weapons and mysteries of each location.

Stunning 3D graphics

To bring the best experience to players, NetEase equipped Cyber ​​Hunter game with a high quality 3D graphics, no less 3D games on PC. At first glance you will see the image style of Cyber ​​Hunter is very similar to Fortnite, about how to shape the character and color of the game. But for a long time you will see the Cyber ​​Hunter image has many unique features such as a more sophisticated weapon system, a more diverse and eye-catching system of vehicles. Especially the super car in the game feels like playing a top 3D racing game, not playing survival game. Graphics are rated as a highlight of Cyber ​​Hunter.

Download Cyber ​​Hunter APK

Cyber ​​Hunter is really a great product that NetEase brings to the gaming community during this time. Currently the game has received over 5 million downloads along with more than 150 thousand reviews from players on Google Play, although the new game was released not long ago. Below will have a link to download the original game from Google Play or Cyber ​​Hunter APK version for you to choose to download the experience.

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