Download Dawn of Isles APK v1.0.13 by NetEase for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher NetEase
  • OS Android
  • Size 2G
  • Version 1.0.13
  • MOD Features No
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A few days ago, we introduced you to a NetEase game to be released, called Super Mecha Champions and the game was not yet released, the big man from China released a title. Another role-playing game is the Dawn of Isles. Before officially launching the International version of the Dawn of Isles APK, NetEase has tested this game many times in different countries. In China, the Dawn of Isles was called Island Ere and in Japan also opened a pre-registration for this game under the name Akatsuki Land.

And now the Dawn of Isles has officially been released internationally, currently supporting only the Android platform via Google Play, it’s free. Every time NetEase invests very carefully for their products with diverse gameplay along with high quality graphics, but this Dawn of Isles game was developed with the role playing role is quite gentle and not too kfi bridge, comes with a novel style 2D graphics platform.

2D graphics in a fun style

Dawn of Isles Mobile graphics are not designed with advanced technology with sharp images, but still bring excitement to players right from the first game experience. That attraction is expressed through the most unique shaping through the aesthetic corner and own imagination. The game is set in the Stone Age, with cute Aboriginal characters drawn in lovely cartoon style. In addition to the effects effects, shadow effects, light will make the game more vivid.

MMORPG-style gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the Dawn of Isles is designed in a traditional MMORPG style. Thereby, when participating in the game you will be selected one of the characters to start the adventure journey in this Stone Age. With a diverse character system, each character has its own characteristics, using different weapons including Fighter, Ranger, Dancer and Warmage so players can unleash and choose for themselves. Separate play style. Each character class is divided into male and female genders, you can customize your character to look like costumes, faces, hairstyles, patterns on the face, …

You will be assigned to the main missions to complete, thereby exploring and adventuring a large open world in the Dawn of Isles. In the game you will experience a life like real life, where you have to cut trees, exploit, fish, grow vegetables, … to serve your life. You can also build up an island with jobs like raising animals, finding resources, storing food, catching animals, fighting monsters, hunting bosses, … and many other interesting activities.

In terms of combat mechanisms, each character in the Dawn of Isles Mobile will have different weapons, each weapon will have a main skill, accompanied by dodging skills. In addition, players can change items such as axes, sickles, flexible knives to perform a series of corresponding operations. Thereby you can create anything you need, upgrade everything to your liking. Overall the gameplay of the Dawn of Isles is quite interesting, combining elements such as role-playing, construction and adventure, very special.

Download Dawn of Isles APK

The Dawn of Isles brings an entirely new style to the MMORPG game genre, which incorporates elements of construction and adventure games, giving you an amazingly enjoyable experience. Although the graphics quality of the Dawn of Isles APK is not as high-end as the previous NetEase games, it is still loved by the players thanks to its fun animation style.

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