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  • Publisher OneTonGames
  • OS Android
  • Size 206M
  • Version 0.3.2
  • MOD Features No
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Deadrite Hunt APK is a newly released survival game for mobile platforms in early August. This game is developed and published by OneTonGames, currently in the process of early access, preparing for official release in the near future. The game is receiving the attention of numerous gamers because its gameplay is developed quite similar to another popular game product Identity V. Let’s find out what this game has to offer. and whether it can bring success to OneTonGames in the near future or just a game clones of Identy V.


Deadrite Hunt game is a fantasy in a world being invaded by monsters from other realities called Realm of Nightmare. This reality opens the teleportation gates and sends the most powerful monsters to invade the Earth. They possess hideous looks and terrible power, ordinary people are hard to resist. So the earth needs heroes to stand up to fight them, bringing peace to the world. As the chosen people, you must fight to repel them. Welcome to your last hunt – Deadrite Hunt!

Role-playing game

In terms of basic gameplay, Deadrite Hunt is developed quite similar to Identity V, each game screen will have a maximum of 5 participants, of which 4 will be hunters and 1 is monsters. The mission of the hunter team is to find the totem that gives strength to the monster as soon as possible. Meanwhile, monsters will also hunt hunters to attack and destroy them before letting them find important objects. During the game, you can unlock many different monsters to explore the world of monsters that are more diverse and interesting.

In terms of ability, each type of monster or each hunter has different abilities and has its own strengths and weaknesses to rely on to create its own chi strategy. But you can still choose potential points (similar to Identity V) to optimize the power of characters in separate situations. You can choose from a variety of ways to play, such as sneaking and avoiding enemies that are mesmerizing and causing them to slaughter each other. As mentioned, Deadrite Hunt’s gameplay is similar to Identity V, but you no longer play the weak survivors who always seek to escape, but can actively coordinate with other players to trap and destroy monsters. object.

Vivid 3D graphics

Images are a highlight of the game Deadrite Hunt, receiving positive feedback from players around the world. Accordingly, the game is invested and developed with high quality 3D graphics, animated images, featuring vivid visual effects. In terms of design, this game is made simpler than Identity V, without horror and fear, but simply a shooting game. Although there is also the appearance of monsters and corpses, the image of Deadrite Hunt is only at the level of action games, not horror games like Identity V. But with 3D graphics and eye-catching visuals, You will have a great experience with this game.

Download Deadrite Hunt APK

Overall, Deadrite Hunt is an attractive game with a style quite similar to other popular product, Identity V, but it still has its own unique features to create a highlight that attracts the attention of players. Currently the game is still in the process of trial, so players can submit comments and feedback on the game so that the developer can rely on it to perfect the game more perfectly. And the following is the link to download Deadrite Hunt APK for you to play this beautiful shooting game. Visit MODCosy regularly to read the latest articles about the best titles!

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