Death School MOD APK v2.0.6 (Free Premium Choice) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Genius Studio
  • OS Android
  • Size 39M
  • Version 2.0.6
  • MOD Features Free Premium Choice
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Death School MOD APK is a new version of Genius Studio’s Anime Girlfriend series. We have also introduced to you many games of the game company from Japan. You can refer to a few games such as My Ninja Girlfriend, My Crazy High School Romcom !, Protect my Love … Coming to Death School, you continue to discover a whole new story surrounding the school. And you will begin challenges and discover mysteries with 3 girls from the same school.

The story is very good

You are a male high school student, with a normal life like any other student. Every day you go to school to study and have fun. But then you have to face the unexpected, causing your life to change. That’s when a new transfer student and classmate with you, a pretty and good-looking girl. She shows up and says something bad is hiding in your school. And of course, no one in the school believed that, but they thought her imagination was abnormal. At the same time, you don’t believe her either, but when everything happens, you will be surprised.

But then one day, school is over and you’re on your way home. You have been kidnapped by a mysterious force, you realize the words that new students say are true. However, not only are you confined here, but there are also three others. It was the mysterious new friend who transferred to the school, one of your childhood friends and another who was the school’s literature president. While in captivity, you realize that this force is trying to kill you. From there, you and these three girls come together to overcome the challenge to escape from the mysterious force.

The main character system

Enthusiastic leader – Rei

Rei is a friend you once knew, although you can’t remember her all. She has a cool personality and is quiet, but when close, she will be warm and sociable. However, you still get along with her. Rei is a born leader who can be responsible for everything she does as well as her own business. But she tends to shoulder the responsibilities on her own, not wanting to rely on anyone. And of course, Rei is also very beautiful.

The mysterious student – Meiko

Meiko is a new transfer student and appears in your classroom. She has strange abilities, connected with supernatural. And she was the first to notice the evil forces lurking in the school’s corridor. Although beautiful, she is quite lonely. The reason may be because of her rather eccentric personality. Meiko seems to have gotten used to that, until meeting you, things were different. She needs you.

Bookworm student – Natsume

Natsume is the head of your school’s literary club. In the literature club, she is one of the most outstanding members with her beauty and talent. She wrote the literary works herself, many other members loved those works. Therefore, Natsume also supports those who love their literature.

Download Death School MOD APK

Death School brings a whole new story in the type of Anime Girlfriend game. You will be with your friends, also your lover through the challenges of the school. Together overcome the mysterious forces to escape death. The following is the link to download the Death School MOD APK game with Free Premium Choice feature. With this feature, you will have more choices in the game’s story.

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