Dentist Bling MOD APK v0.3.6 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale
  • OS Android
  • Size 57M
  • Version 0.3.6
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
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Becoming a doctor in a particular field is extremely difficult. You must go through learning and practice, gaining experience to be able to cure your patients. But today, we will let you become a dentist through gaming. You can practice dentistry with this game, without worrying about affecting the health of others. It is the Dentist Bling game, a new product of the publisher Crazy Labs by TabTale.

Dentist Bling MOD APK was released a few days ago. You can easily download games to experience via Google Play or AppStore. However, you have another attractive option: Dentist Bling MOD APK version with features not available in the original version. Accordingly, this game will let you become a professional dentist without going through any courses. You can learn more about how to play the game below, before downloading the game to play.

Become a dentist

Come to the Dentist Bling game, your entire task will be to beautify all customers. Your customers have dental problems, and you have to address them so they can have the most confident smile. Each patient has a different tooth problem, you need to analyze carefully to be able to fix it properly. There are many dental problems such as plaque, tooth decay, perforation, chipping or bad, uneven. And each problem will have a different solution. For example, plaque can be suctioned by machine, chipped teeth can be sprayed and filled, broken teeth will be replaced with new ones, and filled teeth will need braces. There are even customers who want to beautify by adding gems or diamonds.

At each level of play, you will have to complete a set of teeth for one person. They will have one or more dental problems, and you must solve all of them to complete the level. Completing each level, you will feel satisfied for bringing beauty to your customers. This game is not too complicated, you can play right from the first time. Bringing beautiful smiles to everyone is also your joy.

To get tools and other equipment to work, you have to buy in the store. You will receive a bonus every time you complete a level. For example, customers who ask to have gems or diamonds on their teeth, you must have gems or diamonds. That is, you have to constantly make money, and buy the best materials to complete your task.

MOD information

  • No Ads: Delete ads for free. You can turn on the network and play games to chat with friends
  • Unlimited Money: Use money unconditionally to buy and impose

Download Dentist Bling MOD APK

With such simple gameplay, you can entertain and relax with Dentist Bling whenever you want. If you are studying dental medicine, then you can play the game Dentist Bling to practice and get used to this job. Hearing the introduction you probably won’t find it attractive, but when playing games, you will definitely love it.

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