Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter MOD APK v0.5.5 (God Mode)

  • App Details
  • Publisher PIXONIC
  • OS Android
  • Size 396M
  • Version 0.5.5
  • MOD Features God Mode
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Arming dinosaurs to fight with each other is a pretty interesting idea for many entertainment industries. Previously, it was fully exploited by the animated series in the 1980s, Dino-Riders, and was quite impressive. And now, this interesting topic has been tapped to develop an action game. Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter is an action game with a dinosaur fighting theme. It’s a new product of Pixonic developer, just launched a few days ago.

Perhaps Pixonic is quite familiar with players around the world. They are known for the cult game War Robots – the game has attracted 150 million downloads since its launch. And the new Dino Squad mobile product is expected to bring similar success. It was developed with a top-notch action shooter style, incorporating stunning 3D graphics. Promise this game will bring you the ultimate experience in the future.

Dinosaurs and diverse weapons

Join the game, you will collect yourself powerful dinosaurs to fight with other players. Currently, the game has 17 different dinosaurs to choose from. In particular, each species has different play styles as well as different abilities. For example, Velociraptor has high speed and small bodybuilding will be for players who like agility, while TRex is strong as a tank on the battlefield. You will equip these dinosaurs with weapons that are guns to fight. In addition to the gun, you can use the tail sweep or bite the enemy.

There will be many custom options available for you to choose. Each dinosaur has a selection of weapons and armor that they can equip to enhance the way you play. There will also be a diverse skill system for you to customize their power.

Attractive action gameplay

Dino Squad is a vibrant multiplayer PvP shooter with a variety of game modes. Your opponents in this game are players all over the world. You will be playing your own way, showing you are the best Dino driver. The game has 6 different maps with a lot of small details but greatly affects the gameplay. For example, in some maps there will be large bushes suitable for small dinosaurs like the hidden Velociraptor, others will have traps like lava or whirlpools to engulf players. middle. The gameplay of Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter also requires tactics from you. If you only rely on strength, you cannot win. You must analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each dinosaur to come up with a solution.

Main features

  • Images stand out thanks to the top notch 3D graphics
  • Create impressive images, especially powerful dinosaurs
  • Conquer 17 powerful dinosaurs with unique shaping
  • Interesting action gameplay, unmatched in any other game
  • Use your wits to create reasonable tactics when fighting
  • Customize the Jurassic style dinosaurs
  • Collect your Dino Squad, choose weapons and armor to equip them to become stronger
  • Adapt to the environment on 6 huge maps
  • Play in different places like high grass, hot lava and unpredictable water …

Download Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter MOD APK

As can be seen, Dino Squad: TPS Dinosaur Shooter brings different themes along with more attractive gameplay than other action games. No but attractive gameplay, it also possesses the best graphics platform, no less than PC games. Along with that are the lively sound effects, giving you the best experience. Surely this game will receive the favorite of the majority of players in the future. Immediately following will be the link to download the game for you to choose.

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