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  • Publisher Nippon Ichi
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Disgaea is a series of tactical role-playing video games created and developed by Nippon Ichi. The film debuted in Japan on January 30, 2003, with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. And Disgaea 1 Complete is an HD remake of the original entry in the Disgaea strategy role-playing game series. Earlier, this game was called Disgaea DS. But when it debuted, it was officially named Disgaea 1 Complete. The first version was released in October 2018 for PS4 and Nitendo Switch devices.

At the end of January, Disgaea 1 Complete for mobile has officially launched. It has been put on Google Play for players to experience. However, it sells for a fairly high price of $ 32.99. Accordingly, this version is completely redone with significant upgrades in graphics as well as convenient operation for the mobile phone system. The version for the Console system has received a large number of players, so the Disgaea 1 Complete mobile version promises to be a hit game in the near future.

Familiar gameplay

Coming to the game, you will be adventure in Netherworld – a place darker than a dark cave, located deeper than the depths of the sea. It is a cursed land where the evil dwells and the foul creatures reside. No one dared to come here, and everyone feared this danger. You will join the protagonist Laharl on his journey to become the next king of Netherworld.

You will control the interactive character in a battlefield divided into squares, with a top-down perspective. The movement or fight against the enemy will take place on these boxes. Each character will have a unique range of interaction, so you need to calculate reasonably to take advantage of the blow and win. Not only can you enjoy the main story of the game, but also the “Etna” game mode with new characters that have never appeared in the old version of the Disgaea series.

Graphics are upgraded

As mentioned above, the game Disgaea 1 Complete brings out the standout compared to the previous Disgaea version is its image. The game was reworked with superior graphics quality. The resolution of the image is higher, accordingly, the in-game image creation is also much more detailed. You will enjoy Disgaea 1 Complete game extremely unique in the classic Disgaea series. Perhaps the upgrade of the graphics so much its new price so high.

Huge price?

One thing that we were quite disappointed for this Disgaea 1 Complete game is its price. A mobile game costs $ 32.99, which is much higher than other mobile games, even other Console games. Even the Disgaea 1 Complete version on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 sells well, up to $ 49.99. Therefore, many players expect the publisher to reduce this price in the future. Some people have exclaimed, “A crazy price.” Disgaea 1 also has a version on Steam, for half the price. However, this version is not a remaster and it encounters some gameplay while playing.

Download Disgaea 1 Complete APK

Overall Disgaea 1 Complete is an attractive game, the most prominent in the series Disgaea hit cult. But it is too expensive so many players can not experience the game. This is a pity for a high quality game. We can only hope for the game to be discounted in the future. We will soon bring Disgaea 1 Complete APK to you as soon as possible. Please wait!

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