Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK v2.0.10 (Freeze Enemies)

  • App Details
  • Publisher PerBlue Entertainment
  • OS Android
  • Size 100M
  • Version 2.0.10
  • MOD Features Freeze Enemies
  • Get it on Google Play


Maybe you know about Walt Disney, the world’s leading multimedia group for many years. They own famous superheroes through animated films, attracting a lot of fans. But recently we no longer see new movies or new Disney heroes appear, so their old heroes are fading away. But if you want to meet Disney’s friends again, join the role-playing game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a role-playing strategy game by PerBlue Entertainment, which was released in March last year. So far the game has been released for more than 1 year, has received success not small when revenue is quite impressive. On the Google Play app market for Android devices, this game has received over 200,000 reviews, accompanied by more than 10 million downloads. Accordingly, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is developed attractive role-playing game, many game modes with impressive 3D graphics. The game has received an official license from Walt Disney to develop the image, so you can be assured of this issue.

The battle of heroes Disney and Pixar

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode not only selects famous heroes from Disney but also recruits other characters from the famous animation studio Pixar. The characters in gaem are selected from popular animated movies like The Incredibles, Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story, Zootopia and more. In terms of content, the game takes you to the familiar digital city but this city is no longer as beautiful as before. A kind of unidentified virus has ruined all pixels and turned the heroes and friends of the heroes into evil forces against them. And to the game, you will have to collect the heroes, equip them with the best equipment to fight against the evil forces.

In terms of gameplay, the game belongs to the genre of immersive genre and team-based elements that combine horizontal screen scrolling. You will begin your experience journey by collecting characters from Disney and Pixar worlds to build an elite squad. In addition, in order to increase the power of the team, players can upgrade attributes and combine characters together. Your main task in the game is to activate the skill only when the character’s power bar reaches the maximum level.

Outstanding features of the game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

  • Along with 25 heroes from Disney and Pixar, including Superman Family, Wreck-It Ralph, Buzz Lightyear, Captain Jack Sparrow, rabbit police Judy Hopps, robot WALL-E, him Monster kid Mike Wazowski, … and entered exciting battles.
  • You will be able to complete special missions and campaigns, you can cooperate with other players to complete.
  • Constantly upgrading characters for skills and costumes
  • Discover a new digital world with synthetic heroes

Images and sounds

As soon as you enter the game can see familiar images, which is the image of the famous heroes of Disney and Pixar animation studios. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode possesses extremely eye-catching 3D graphics with diverse colors, combined with special visual effects. The characters in the game still retain the same style of animation as the cartoon version. In addition to the background music while waiting for the game, along with the motion effects, the sound of the character is created so that the player has the best experience.

Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK

You can see Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is really a great game so it can bring big revenue for PerBlue Entertainment. This is a completely free game to play, but in the game there will be some items that need to be purchased in cash. With our version of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK, you will be able to freeze your enemies after releasing the skill. Below is the link to download the game for you.

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