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Recently, the entertainment market has emerged as a strategy game called Auto Chess, derived from the same game mode in the popular Dota 2 game. There were a lot of games like this one that were released, notably Dragonest’s Auto Chess Mobile game. But recently, the father of this game mode, Valve has officially introduced to the gaming community the official auto chess game, called Dota Underlords.

Many players think that Auto Chess Mobile is the official version of this strategy game, but Dota Underlords is the main version of Valve. Currently this game is in the process of testing in certain countries, and has been available on Google Play for gamers to play. Let’s see if this Dota Underlords game is interesting and new compared to the Auto Chess mode on Dota 2.


Dota Underlords still owns the familiar image style that Valve often does with previous titles. It is easy to see that the game still has the interface with the familiar 8 × 8 chessboard like Auto Chess, but Valve has made minor changes to the game to have its own characteristics. More specifically, Dota Underlords uses 2.5D graphics to make mid-range devices easy to experience the game.

The interface of the game is quite simple, partly because Valve does not have enough time to develop in a perfect way. All characters and items in this version are designed similar to Dota Auto Chess mode so you will have a very familiar feeling. This is completely different from Dragonest’s Auto Chess Mobile when all characters are built in a chibi shape that is quite hard to identify. Another minus point of Dota Underlords is that the effects in the game are not good.

Familiar gameplay

Overall, the gameplay of Dota Underlords remains the same as Dota Auto Chess. However, the “dignity” factor has been reduced to the maximum for players to reduce inhibition. Specifically, when passing a monster round, you will receive items with the same power as the difficulty of that round. This is different from Dota Auto Chess when you hit the pants to drop but in exchange only picked up the shield is not worth much.

And the game of Dota Underlords still has a lot of tactics and you have to pay attention. You need to rely on a variety of factors to study your tactics, such as the character’s strengths / weaknesses, the timing of the match, etc. So in addition to having proper tactics, the people New experienced players are formidable opponents.

System Hero

Coming to Dota Underlords, the system of characters in the game will be called Hero instead of chess pieces like Dota Auto Chess. In Auto Chess, each chess piece has two attributes, Species and Class, in Dota Underlords, these two attributes are combined into Alliance. A total of 23 Alliance were introduced in Dota Underlords. There are characters that will be renamed compared to Auto Chess, and there are also characters that retain their names.

You need to distinguish Alliance and Tier. Heroes in Dota Underlords are divided into tier, similar to the Auto Chess classes. There are 5 levels in the game, each tier has 12 to 15 heroes. For example, Warlock is located in tier 1, Pudge tier 2 and Arc Warden tier 3 … Dota Underlords also has about 15 combos, and most keep the same name and bonus from Dota Auto Chess Valve also officially added 4 heroes compared to the version. Dota Auto Chess original includes Arc Warden, Bloodseeker, Warlock and Pudge. These are the new products that Valve produces exclusively for Dota Underlords, making it unique compared to other Auto Chess games.

Download Dota Underlords MOD APK

Overall, Dota Underlords brings many new and positive points for Valve. With a simple gameplay, easy to catch with new points, Dota Underlords promises to be a game worth playing in the near future for those who love AutoBattle genre. And especially Dota Underlords will be the product that will forget Artifact game just cause disappointment in the past of Valve. Below is the link to download game Dota Underlords MOD APK for you to play. The official version is expected to be released in a short time, for many platforms like mobile, PC, Console, … Please wait for it!

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