Dragon RAJA APK v1.3.148 by Tencent download for Android

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3298/5000Dragon Raja is the first fantasy series written by Lee Yeongdo. This is one of the most famous fantasy novelists in Korea. Recently a 3D role-playing game was developed based on the unique content of this novel, it has the same name as the novel. At the GDC 2019 event, game company Zulong Entertainment introduced Dragon RAJA game to the entertainment market. The game quickly received the attention of the global gaming community, although it was not released at that time.

In the second half of July, Dragon RAJA was officially released to the Chinese market, supporting the mobile platform. Accordingly this game was released by Mr. Tencent, not Zulong Entertainment developer. Currently the game is only released in the domestic market, but readers can still play this game through our Dragon RAJA APK version. It is expected that the international version will soon be released by Tencent in the near future.

Surreal graphics

The first impression of Dragon Raja is the beautiful image of the fantasy world built on the best imaging technology. That is the Unreal Engine 4 platform that brings high quality 3D graphics, sharp display of every corner in the game. Along with that is the investment of the developer, so the image in the game is made extremely authentic, you will be surprised about it. The character is built according to the characteristic Manhwa trend of Korea, cute and eye-catching but not too fussy as anime style. You can see the image style in this game is quite similar to NCSoft’s hit product, Blade and Soul. In general, Dragon RAJA possesses a great graphics with realistic, vivid images as much as 3D games on PC.

Role-playing game

Dragon RAJA is set in a modern context combined with traditional style, the game builds its own fictional world mixed from many oriental cultures. Participating in the game you will notice something of China, Korea or even Japan in the small corners of the game. Beginning, you are given the choice of a character to begin the adventure journey like other role-playing action games. You will then choose your clan, possibly the tribe, the dragon race or the dragon race and enter the dramatic competition for power.

The system of skills in the game is very diverse for you to create your own fighting style, unlike any other player. In addition to the simple skills, you can combine tactics to form a chain of combos that have the ultimate power. The control system of the game is no different from other games of the same genre, you can easily get familiar with the controls and skills that are integrated on the touch screen.

Download Dragon RAJA APK

Previously, there were some games developed based on this popular Dragon RAJA brand, but they were not really attractive so they were not favored by many players. But Dragon RAJA has just been developed because Zulong Entertainment promises to be a cult game in the near future. And under the release of Mr. Tencent, it will certainly receive a large number of players. Below is the link to download Dragon RAJA APK for you to try it!

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