Drift Max Pro MOD APK v2.4.22 (Unlimited Money) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Tiramisu
  • OS Android
  • Size 354M
  • Version 2.4.22
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Drift Max Pro is a traditional mobile racing game produced and developed by Tiramisu, a famous game company with many top-notch racing games, getting the love of tihchs of players. Each new game that this game company has released has new and more interesting points so the gaming community always expects new products from them. And Drift Max Pro was released a long time ago, but so far it is still popular with many players, is considered one of the best racing games for mobile.

Evidence shows that the game has received more than 10 million downloads, along with nearly 1 million plays from global players. And these numbers are still growing continuously on the app store. Perhaps Drift Max Pro is the best competitive game with Gameloft’s Asphalt racing racing game series. Drift Max Pro will take you into dramatic and fierce racing, like the spectacular racing scenes in the cult movie Fast and Furius.

Become the world’s leading driver

Basically, Drift Max Pro is still developed with familiar racing style like similar products. You will be involved in the race with different challenges and experience with increasing difficulty. With the game increasing difficulty with later levels, you will have to constantly develop your racing skills, as well as upgrade your car to a new level.

The two most important things in this game are driving skills and racing upgrades. The game allows you to upgrade your racing car in many different ways. With each upgraded component will bring different effects such as speed limit, increase acceleration in a certain period of time or increase control sensitivity … In addition to the components for the car becomes strong The more you get, the better the look of the car is, with the decoration, the car can only look better, not increase the index for racing. Or you can buy yourself a new racing car with a more beautiful and advanced design if you qualify for a car.

In terms of control, Drift Max Pro gives players the best experience with two choices: using the left, right or tilting keys. This is the basic and easiest way to play in today’s racing games. If you’ve ever experienced other racing games, you won’t spend much time getting used to playing Drift Max Pro.

Possessing top-level racing play on extremely eye-catching roads, and many attractive game modes allow players to perform the peak “Drift” phase. One thing many players expect of Drift Max Pro game is online racing mode with other players, because it is still a pure offline game. In contrast, many favorite players Drift Max Pro because it is an offline game, can be played at any time without having to connect to the network.

Choose to modify your super cars

  • Modify vehicle appearance with new paint colors and beautiful decals
  • You can attach it to your door or hood to make the car more eye-catching
  • Glass color
  • Color caliper
  • Wheel angle (Camber).
  • Hanging height
  • Model spoiler

Diverse game modes for you to experience

  • The “Daily Track” race lets you take part in challenges and receive valuable rewards
  • Classic drift race, for you to make the peak drift phase
  • Slalom drifted
  • Topping cone
  • Perfect racing
  • Free ride

Stunning graphics

Drift Max Pro is developed with the goal of bringing players
The most authentic feeling. So the game is equipped with a high quality 3D graphics, bringing an extremely eye-catching image. Super cars or long-distance arcs are made very lively and stand out with 3D image quality. Along with the visual effects, sound effects are created in great detail, giving you a more authentic experience than ever before. As I evaluated above, the amazing feeling of playing Drift Max Pro is like the dramatic racing scenes in the cult movie Fast and Furius.

Download Drift Max Pro MOD APK

In this article, in addition to reviewing the gameplay and graphics of the Drift Max Pro game, we also introduce you to an extremely attractive Drift Max Pro MOD APK version. This version has added unlimited money, so you can easily buy the cars you like and upgrade them as you like without worrying about running out of money. What are you waiting for without downloading immediately Drift Max Pro about the experience!

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