Download Durango: Wild Lands APK v4.0.4+1905091109 for Android

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  • Publisher NEXON Company
  • OS Android
  • Size 75M
  • Version 5.0.1+1911082000
  • MOD Features No
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Durango: Wild Lands is an extremely attractive survival RPG with NEXON Company, the world’s leading game company from Korea. The Durango project was announced in 2015 and after a long period of testing and release in different markets, there was no official version.

Until now is the beginning of May 2019, the Durango version: the new Wild Lands is officially released by NEXON for the mobile platform. So players worldwide have been able to experience the game right now. But first you should learn about the gameplay and the main features of the game Durango: Wild Lands before downloading the game to experience. We will provide the download link for you at the end of the article, there will be a Durango: Wild Lands APK version for you to choose.

Immersive role-playing gameplay in the dinosaur world

Durango: Wild Lands is a large open world MMORPG game that plays the role of a Stone Age survival war, while the dinosaurs are still reigning and hegemony here. You are a modern world, but suddenly you get a train back to prehistoric times, the period of the most powerful dinosaurs growing. Here you will discover a rich prehistoric environment but there are the emergence of modern items that are mysteriously transported to this world.

At the beginning, there will be 16 characters, each of which will be assigned to individual missions to accomplish in this ancient world. The characters will be used 11 skills to support the survival journey, 11 main skills are divided into: Building houses, survival instincts, gathering, making weapons, melee, archers, defenses, harvesting animal corpses, cooking, sewing clothes, farming. Especially you will have the opportunity to tame the fierce dinosaurs or other giant animals to turn them into rides for you.

In this world, you will have to do everything to be able to live with familiar tasks such as farming, creating tools, setting traps, building safe shelters … no different than a journey. Real Life. Not only do you face the dangers of ferocious giant beasts but also face opposing factions in the war for power. That’s why Durango: Wild Lands offers a unique gameplay that combines survival, role-playing, adventure …. an unprecedented combination of any other game.

Realistic 3D graphics

The game is invested and developed for many years, the purpose that NEXON wants to bring to the player is the most authentic and unique experience. Durango: Wild Lands possesses high quality 3D graphics, developed based on the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 4 technology, delivering the same quality as the top-notch PC games or Console. Thereby, playing games you will feel like returning to prehistoric times, survival with extremely authentic dinosaurs, not simply playing games.

But high quality graphics will come with quite a lot of capacity, if you want to experience the smoothest game, you need to play on a highly configurable mobile device. Anyway, graphics are the most impressive feature that Durango: Wild Lands offers to players.

Download Durango: Wild Lands APK

Durango: Wild Lands has made many gamers expect this time, because NEXON has repeatedly tested this game without releasing an official version. And now gamers all over the world can experience this top-notch survival style role-playing game. Durango: Wild Lands is currently of great interest to the gaming community, creating a great attraction. And here is the link to download game Durango: Wild Lands APK for you.

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