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Eclipse Isle is the official name for Operation Stormy Island

Recently, you will be able to see the new games that are combined with the popular survival game with MOBA, typically the game Survival Heroes. Some time ago, the world’s leading game company, NetEase, introduced to the entertainment market a survival game product combined with MOBA called Opera Stomy Island, but at that time the game still had no information. Official news for the release date.

Up to now, this game has been completed and posted on Google Play as a pre-registration. However, it is no longer called Operation Stormy Island but is renamed Eclipse Isle. This is a product that NetEase has carefully invested for a long time, promising to bring a new wave in the mobile game market in the near future.

Survival gameplay combined with MOBA elements

Eclipse Isle offers the familiar Battle Royale gameplay combined with MOBA but still has unique features to bring a new experience to the player. Participating in the game, you will be given the choice of a general to fight against other players in 60-person matches. Currently the game has only 8 generals to choose from, but it will definitely add new characters to the diverse character system like other MOBA games.

In terms of character, each general will be divided into 2 types of magic damage and physical damage with different types of indicators, besides 4 activation skills and 2 passive skills to create Various special combos that you can explore gradually in the game. In addition, the character also has a special skill called Stratagem, because Stratagem has quite a strong power, so he is limited to one battle per time. So you need to choose the right time to launch this move.

Like other survival games, when you start the game you won’t have anything in your hand. You have to go to mine to create weapons, weapons, then the character can use his skills. In addition, you can collect items such as heal, stealth … in support bins that appear in many places. A weapon you don’t have to build that can loot it is a bow.

The safe area in this game is not round like other survival games, it exists in the form of an eclipse that will gradually invade a separate area and you only have 30 seconds to move to a safe area. this. Explosive rings called Thunder Ring also appear randomly to eliminate slow players. Factors such as level up, kill monsters to collect equipped with the style of MOBA series. In addition, the game also includes interesting elements such as whether you can hunt wild animals, catch animals or roast food to recover more blood.

Eye-catching images

Game Eclipse Isle APK has a good quality 3D graphics, it’s not something new when NetEase regularly creates beautiful 3D games. The effects of skills, skills are expressed impressively with bright lights, along with the design of diverse characters will attract the attention of players.

An impressive point of the game is clearly showing different types of climates on the map, including the full range of four seasons, but the blooming peach petals of spring until the leaves fall yellow when they arrive. These factors will give you the most vivid experience.

Download Eclipse Isle APK

Through the above introduction we can see that Eclipse Isle is really a very good and creative game with many new ideas. It is expected that the game also adds many new features and new game modes for players to experience. There is no official version currently available, but you can try this game through Eclipse Isle APK version below.

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