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  • Publisher X.D. Global
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  • Version 1.32.40
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Eternal City is a role-playing game released by X.D. Global, is currently very much interested by players. This title was introduced a few months ago in the form of pre-registration, and the official version has just been released for Android today, May 9. Immediately after its debut, Eternal City game quickly collected attracted the attention of the gaming community, shared by many famous game newspapers. Let’s find out if this role-playing game has anything outstanding, and at the end there will be a link to download the game for your device.

A special story

The plot takes place in Eternal City located in a modern coastal city, where a “Black Gate” suddenly appears and the city is in great danger when monsters from another planet through this gate, stormed into the city. But the arrival of the Wielder, the special heroes will be the team to rescue this world. They have mythical weapons and tremendous power, they are a ray of hope that can chase away monsters and permanently disappear the mysterious black gate. After the Wielders gather and start fighting for the future of the city, they realize that not only monsters and gateways are dangerous. The fate of this city is seriously threatened when the 7-day timeline has begun … The time is putting the heroes into trouble, you will be cast into a hero to start the journey. save the world. Can you?

Traditional role-playing game

Game Eternal City brings role-playing gameplay quite familiar. Join the game, you will collect for yourself the heroes with special powers and control them to enter the battle against the flood of monsters coming from the gate black. An interesting point is that you can select up to 2 other characters to accompany you while playing, they will bring in special skills and can be activated quickly with the buttons below, side next to the main character skill set you’re controlling. How to control the game Eternal City is not new, quite similar to MOBA games with buttons moving in the left corner and skill buttons in the right corner of the screen, it is easy to get used to.

The system of characters of the game is quite diverse in both appearance as well as fighting ability for you to be able to collect. Each character will possess the power, combat skills as well as individual controls, divided into many types such as support, attack, defense. Thanks to this factor, you can create your own style of play with characters that match your style.

Graphics and sound

Another highlight of the game is that the image is based on the development tool from NetEase, the leading game company in the world today. Thereby Eternal City owns 2.5D graphics but the quality is displayed no less than other 3D games, highlighting the Japanese style with bold Japanese characteristics. The game brings picturesque frames and beautiful skill effects that will give you a great experience.

In addition to the beautiful anime graphics, the music in the game is also pretty much self-invited when it comes to Japanese master musician – Mr. Kawai Kenji to create many original songs to serve players in Eternal City. Not only that, dozens of famous Japanese CVs like Hanazawa Kana, Uchida Maaya and Kugimiya Rie participated in the voice acting for the game. So images and sounds are the highlight that Eternal City created for players right from the first time gamers have played games.

Download Eternal City APK

Eternal City gives you a very interesting experience with Anime style role-playing, you should not miss this game. Currently the game is available on Google Play completely free of charge, if you cannot download it then you can choose the Eternal City APK version below.

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