Eternal Sword M MOD APK v1.2.7 (God Mode) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Neocraft Limited
  • OS Android
  • Size 990M
  • Version 1.2.7
  • MOD Features God Mode
  • Get it on Google Play


Eternal Sword M MOD APK is a new MMORPG from NEOCRAFT. This game has just been released a few days ago, and is interested by many players. It attracts players thanks to stunning 3D images in fantasy style. In addition to leading the compelling storyline, large fantasy context, bright colors, this will be an extremely attractive game. You will experience a classic role-playing world with countless features and special activities.

Role-playing game

Game Eternal Sword M has 5 character choices including Swordman, Mage, Gunner, Warriorr and Miko. With each class can unlock new character development directions when reaching level 39. From that allows the fighting style of each character class is also extremely diverse and rich, not overlapping.

Not to mention, the massive features of the MMORPG series appear in this game. With the system of mounts, costumes, wings, destiny, constellations, mosaic runes … many styles allow players to show a unique personality. In addition to their beauty effects, they also help increase combat power significantly. Indispensable are community activities. The PVE dungeons in this game are designed in a style that promotes cooperation between players and players.

Players should have a close guild to easily find companions. Or join together in guild battles in the MOBA style, the epic War. Besides, there are other recreational activities such as prayer, quiz, … full of emotions. If you like PK, express yourself, activities from PK 1v1, 3vs3, 5vs5 to larger-scale competition activities are also waiting for players to conquer.

The graphics are quite impressive

Players are very attracted to the image in the game Eternal Sword M. Because it brings extremely sharp images with impressive image creation. It is designed with high quality 3D graphics. This is a must for an MMORPG. The most striking feature of the image in the game is the creation. The system of characters as well as monsters designed extremely detailed in a fantasy style. Not only possessing eye-catching looks, the characters are equipped with extremely eye-catching costumes. Along with that are the brilliant skill effects from light effects. But personally, I think the character’s detailed image display with shadow effects, skills that make the game’s image tangled. But anyway, the graphics are also a strong point of this game.

The main features of the game

  • Experience an action MMORPG with stunning graphics
  • Build a hero with loads of fighting skills
  • Start the journey to save the world in danger of extinction
  • Customize your unique hero from outfits, mounts, wings and artifacts
  • Together with friends, other players form teams to explore the game
  • Join your teammates in the ultimate PVE dungeon mode, challenging
  • Defeat all challengers and win the crown
  • Protect the honor of the clan in GvG battles
  • Stunning images, sharp display
  • Shadows effect, skill effects are very well done

Download Eternal Sword M MOD APK

Overall, Eternal Sword M brings a fascinating gameplay but not too new. As for the image, it is popular with players for creating impressive images. If you are a fan of the MMORPG genre, you should not miss this game. In addition, you can experience another quite attractive game of NEOCRAFT, Tales of Wind. And right below is the link to download the Eternal Sword M game for you.

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