European War 6: 1914 APK (MOD Money) v1.2.0 download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher EasyTech
  • OS Android
  • Size 96M
  • Version 1.2.0
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


European War 6: 1914 APK is the latest strategy game of EasyTech. They are also a well-known mobile game company, featuring the war and military strategy game genre. Including Great Conqueror game: Rome, a paid game but still receives a lot of favorite players. The number of games that this developer creates is not large, only about 10 games but all are attractive strategy games.

Coming to the game European War 6: 1914 this time, you will still experience a familiar military-themed strategy game. It will still be a war between European countries, but the year will take place in 1914. The battle in the game will take place in the form of simulation rather than details like other strategy games, such as Rise Of Kingdom. With a new storyline and new features, you will experience an extremely attractive strategy game.

The plot of the game

You are returned to 1914 to join the fierce war with the countries of Europe. During this period, the development of technologies such as steam engines, railroads, and trains was rising very fast. As a result, the world is facing the possibility of developing into a new modern world. The factions with the new world ideology do not agree with the leadership of the old world forces. So a war taking place is inevitable, a war of conflict. No one believes that the war will take place on such a large scale. Military geniuses like Hindenburg, Ludendorff, P├ętain, Foch, Haig will be the one who leads and conquers, ending the war!

Ultimate strategy play

Join the game, you play as a general and lead your army to conquer the world. You are involved in more than 150 famous battles in 10 chapters. These are Civil War, Attack of Eagle, Eastern Front, Decline of the Ottoman, Marine Overlord, Dual Monarchy, European Powder Keg, Balkan Lion, Dawn of Victory, Rise of Apennines. The champion you control needs to be constantly upgraded. Your mission is to train special units such as the Hungarian Air Gun Solider, the German Firebat, the British Tank, etc. You need to develop your country in many ways. And the other important thing is diplomacy with other countries. One way to connect with another nation is to marry their princess.

You have to grow for your country in every way. Develop strength through military facilities, train combat units. Economic development from city building, upgrading national technology. To get important tactics for battles, you need to build your own military academy. Either fight, or delay the war. All decisions are made by you.

Main features

  • The ultimate strategy game, for those who have leadership ability
  • Diverse generals system for you to choose
  • More than 300 portraits of champions have been redrawn
  • Participate in 150 historical battles in 45 different countries
  • More than 200 units from different countries and different buildings
  • 45 technologies and more than 120 items
  • New tools, bringing more beautiful graphics
  • Cloud storage helps you switch gaming devices without losing data

Download European War 6: 1914 APK (MOD Money)

Do you want to be a good military leader? Do you want to conquer the surrounding countries and turn your country into the strongest power? Come to European War 6: 1914 to make that dream come true. You will be conquered dreams that the talented generals in history have not yet done. Right below is the link to download the game European War 6: 1914 APK for you.

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