Evil Lands MOD APK v1.3.0 (Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill) download

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  • Publisher Rage Quit Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 71M
  • Version 1.3.0
  • MOD Features Free Unlock/Upgrade Skill
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Evil Lands MOD APK is a role-playing action game that many gamers are interested in. A few months ago, this Evil Lands name was pretty much introduced and players could register it in advance via Google Play or the game’s home page. And now the game has been released in the official version for you to easily experience. This is a high-quality role-playing game with diverse gameplay and outstanding thanks to beautiful 3D graphics. You will better understand the Evil Lands game after referring to our introduction below.

Background of the game

The game is built in a medieval kingdom, where it is threatened by dark forces. The world of the Evil Lands game is like a dungeon full of disputes. At this time, players will be able to choose one of 3 characters including Assassins, Warriors or Witches to begin the adventure journey in this large open world. In the adventure journey you will experience many interesting things and encounter many difficulties such as confronting monsters, dragons, bosses hiding in the Evil Lands! Are you ready for the discovery journey in the game Evil Lands?

Diverse and attractive gameplay

Evil Lands brings a diverse gameplay system with two main game modes. Collaboration mode allows players to immerse themselves in exciting epic battles against evil while teaming up with other players. This makes it easy to defeat terrible bosses or evil dragons who cannot fight alone. If you want to increase your sense of challenge for yourself, you can challenge yourself in one of two multi-player modes: CO-OP or PVP. You will be able to choose characters and customize your character to begin participating in the game experience.

Like other role-playing games, you will be assigned to the main missions, so you can learn the story and develop your character. However, the game Evil Lands does not focus much on leveling up characters, but for players to freely explore and research more about their characters. This is quite similar to the classic PC games many years ago, rather than the current role-playing game trend. After leveling up, your character will get potential points to allocate to attributes such as Strength, Life, Attack Speed, Luck Index, etc.

This is a game rated as quite difficult, when the monster system will quickly attack you whenever you get close to them … In addition, the skill system in Evil Lands is designed in branch form, unlocked. according to a certain level. During the battle with the monsters, you will receive pieces to pair and upgrade equipment, gold coins and even new equipment.

Stunning images with 3D quality

The highlight of the Evil Lands is not the role-playing game, but the beautiful image. The game is carefully invested for the image section with high quality 3D graphics. Since its introduction in the pre-registration period, the game Evil Lands has impressed many players thanks to the sharp and eye-catching image. You can see a very realistic world created in this game, you will be surprised at every detail in the game. From the landscape, the character system to the small details like grass, twigs, … are made alive. To get those true images, the developer used a lot of visual effects like shadows, lighting, …

The console of mobile Evil Lands game is quite simple and easy to get used to. In addition, the sound effects in fighting sounds in nature bring a feeling of vivid experience. Any game like that, if high-quality graphics, the game size will be large and require gaming equipment to be highly configurable, then play games smoothly, without lag.

Download Evil Lands MOD APK

Many players are interested in playing this game, it is also rated image quality no less than high-end 3D games on PC. So Evil Lands will be a game that you can’t miss. Download now the game Evil Lands MOD APK to experience!

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