Extreme Football MOD APK download v4658 for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher 9M Interactive
  • OS Android
  • Size 356M
  • Version 4658
  • MOD Features Updating
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Extreme Football MOD APK is an attractive sports game developed by people from the team that developed the popular FIFA Online game. This game has been introduced to the registry a few months ago, so it has received a lot of attention from global gamers. And now the game has officially been released after a while allowing players to register in advance. It is available for free download on Google Play and AppStore.

Exactly, the Extreme Football game was developed and published by Nine M Interactive (headed by CEO Kim Sung-hoon). In the development team, there are people who have participated in designing the FIFA Online football game. So we can be assured of the quality that the game brings. Accordingly, Extreme Football is developing a familiar football game but with a completely new theme. Instead of choosing famous players in real life, the game builds a whole new character system, giving you a new experience.

Unique football game

Gameplay developed football game is quite interesting, it is more entertaining than tactics like other football games. In this game, you do not have famous players in real life, but you have to train players from the lowest level to the professional players. Thereby, you can feel the excitement of the football game with simple operation methods such as touch and drag.

The game will allow you to manage 16 different characters to train them into professional football players and help you conquer the biggest tournaments. Interestingly, these 16 characters will have both male and female characters, not just male soccer like FIFA or Dream League Soccer. You will then choose your character to enter dramatic football matches. You directly control the players playing on the field.

High-end 3D graphics with Unreal 4

This is a game designed with Unreal 4 advanced graphics technology, characterized by the same characters as real people in real football. From character creation to building external environments such as soccer fields, stands, scenes … are carefully invested. Extreme Football’s image is also different from other games of the same genre. Instead of playing on green grass, you will play on artificial grass without grass. The spectator system for the audience is divided into two floors. The cheering sound of the audience will make football matches come alive than ever.

Main features of Extreme Football

  • Join real-time 3vs3 soccer matches with players around the world
  • High-speed football game, bringing dramatic football matches
  • Collect new players and train them. Each character will have their own playing skills
  • Many different game modes for you to experience such as 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3
  • Global Ranking system to pay tribute to the best players. Can you enter your name in it?
  • Join or open clubs with other players to share the experience of playing football
  • Customize for the players with diverse and unique outfits

Download Extreme Football MOD APK

After the time of pre-registration, the game Extreme Football has attracted a large number of participants with more than 500,000 times. Therefore, right after the official release, the number of game downloads increased rapidly. Overall this is a unique football game, with many features that do not overlap with other football games. Right below is the link to download the Extreme Football MOD APK game for you to download and experience

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