Fantasy Earth Genesis APK v1.23.1 (MOD No Skill CD) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher Asobimo
  • OS Android
  • Size 80
  • Version 1.23.1
  • MOD Features No Skill CD
  • Get it on Google Play


Fantasy Earth Genesis APK is a new MMORPG that has just been released on Google Play. This is a game created by Square Enix, Asobimo and Quantum Games. And the task of releasing this game is done by Asobimo. This is definitely a fascinating role-playing game in the future that you should not miss.

The original version of this title was released in 2006 for PCs, so this is the case Square Enix revived a cult game brand many years ago. The Japanese version of Fantasy Earth Genesis was released over a year ago. The official version has been released widely for all players to experience. Fantasy Earth Genesis APK version was introduced a few weeks ago so players can pre-register. Currently, it is available on Google Play for you to download experience.

Role-playing action game

Game Fantasy Earth Genesis is still developing the familiar MMORPG style game. Join the game, you will set a goal to expand your kingdom and then protect it from attackers. First, you will go to capture the Crystal Towers and defend them long enough to win. During the battle, once certain criteria have been met, you will be able to summon more powerful units to assist in battle.

You will be able to choose from one of the three kingdoms to represent yourself in the game, depending on your preference. In addition, you will be able to choose from a variety of weapons, tactics, … to fight. You will also be able to build defensive and offensive systems as part of the strategy. So there will be a lot of things to calculate and think about when playing games.

Graphics and sound

Coming to Fantasy Earth Genesis, you will enjoy a vast fantasy world. It was built with a stunning 3D graphics. And the visual style of this mobile version has not changed much from the original on the PC. Still the familiar Fantasy-style image with eye-catching character designs. The character’s skill effects are made up of brilliant lighting effects. This graphical background has been optimized for mobile platforms.

The audio system is also quite impressive. For example, words of characters in the game or sound effects in matches are very lively. Thereby, you will experience an action role-playing game with the best feeling.

Main features

  • Great fantasy role-playing game
  • Attractive gameplay with the appearance of summoned beasts
  • Join the fierce battle with players around the world
  • Join one of the three alliances to fight
  • Collaborative combat with your teammates
  • Summon powerful summoned beasts to stop monsters
  • Fight your way to becoming a winner
  • Constantly upgrade and equip your character
  • Stunning images, smooth experience
  • Play the game for free, but there are also some items that need to be purchased with real money

Download Fantasy Earth Genesis APK

In general, Fantasy Earth Genesis is a fascinating game and we do not need much evaluation to confirm that. Because of the large number of players in the previous PC version proved this. Currently the game is officially available on Google Play for you to easily download and experience. Accordingly, players who have previously registered for this game will receive valuable parts when logging in. Right now, you can download Fantasy Earth Genesis APK from the link below to experience it!

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