First Summoner MOD APK v1.6.13 (MOD Mana) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher LINE Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 62M
  • Version 1.6.13
  • MOD Features MOD Mana
  • Get it on Google Play


First Summoner MOD APK is a new role-playing game released by LINE Games, a famous company in many entertainment areas today. Accordingly, this game was developed by another studio and LINE Games only assumed a release role. This is a wise combination because LINE is a well-known brand, so releasing them is a good decision.

Accordingly First Summoner was developed with role-playing gameplay combined with cards, which also required reasonable tactics from players. The game’s theme comes from a famous character system, it’s a summoner, like the game name you saw. Along with that is an impressive 3D graphics background with a pretty eye-catching cartoon image style. Shortly after being released, First Summoner is being very much interested by players and it is pretty much appreciated and shared by many big game newspapers. Here we will have some reviews on the game, then will provide the link to download the game for you.

Background of the game

The game is set in a fantasy world with strange magic that you have never seen in real life or in any movie. It has the presence of evil soldiers, they possess incredible powers. They can be companions who can also be your enemies in the adventure. Coming to the game, you will play the role of a solitary protagonist in the adventure journey in this world. You will face the darkness and discover the dark treaty with unparalleled power.

Non-automatic role-playing gameplay

The gameplay of First Summoner game will still be immersive combined with extremely attractive tactics. Thereby you will experience exciting game modes such as PvE in storyline, or real-time PvP with small modes like Battlefield of Snake or Infinite Chaos. Role-playing gameplay in First Summoner is completely manual, you will directly control characters and monsters to fight. So there is no auto mode in the game. You must summon monsters, then use your dexterity and tactics to control them to fight. They are displayed in the form of card cards in parallel with high-end magic such as whirlwinds, fire.

Each card type needs a certain amount of mana and will take time to continue to use. You can get the cards after completing the mission, defeat BOSS or other players. Card system in the game is extremely diverse, divided into five levels: ordinary, magic, rare, hero and legend. Each match you will have a choice of up to 6 cards to use in your match. Your main character can experience various content such as fighting, exchanging cards, changing decks.

Korean style graphics

With a high quality 3D graphics, First Summoner offers stunning images for players to experience with the best feeling. The image of the game bears the characteristics of Korea with a design style that takes care of the character model as well as the surrounding effects. In addition, the game is also successful in creating a dark atmosphere showing a desperate world that threatens evil. You will be attracted by the beautiful image of the game the first time you enter the game.

Download First Summoner MOD APK

You can become a hero, a magic master in the vast open world of First Summoner. This is really a fascinating RPG that LINE Games has brought to the entertainment market. You can download the First Summoner MOD game from the link below to experience it, instantly!

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