Five Hoops MOD APK v17 (MOD Money, No Ads) download for Android

  • App Details
  • Publisher Voodoo
  • OS Android
  • Size 52
  • Version 17
  • MOD Features Unlimited Money
  • Get it on Google Play


Five Hoops MOD APK is a funny basketball game released by Voodoo – the world’s leading entertainment game company. As can be seen, Voodoo has recently launched their new products quite regularly. Accordingly, Five Hoops developed a different way of playing basketball compared to real-life basketball. A competitive game, for you to compete with players around the world. Are you ready for this unique basketball game?

How to play the game

The way to play the Five Hoops game is also very simple to get used to, but to master it is extremely difficult. Specifically, you will throw the ball into the basketball hoop and back to the goal wall. Each time you successfully throw the ball, you will back down one line and gradually towards the finish. At each level is different, the number of bars will be different. The harder the level, the more bars there will be. During the competition, there will be many players playing with the ball, if anyone hits the goal, it will be one step closer to the goal. So on until the first person to finish will be the winner. The way to throw the ball is very simple, you just need to flick the screen to the ball towards the goal is basketball hoop.

It sounds simple, but in reality you won’t be able to play that easily. The basketball hoop will move all the time, and you have to set the right time and give a fair play direction. It’s not easy to set the right time to throw the ball at the goal. The only way you can win in this game is to play a lot to get better. In the game, your opponents will be players from all over the world. You will have to compete with them on the rankings, strive for the goal of leading the rankings.


During the game, you have the opportunity to unlock many different things so that when you play a lot of games will not be boring. The first is that you can unlock new places to play basketball. Different from real life basketball, you will be playing basketball with many different types of fields and venues. Or maybe the new outfits, which could be the traditional basketball outfits, maybe even the weirdest outfits. The costumes will make your character stand out from other players around the world. When you are in the top 1 of the rankings, equip your character with a very unique outfit.

Main features

  • A unique basketball game you’ve never played in any other game
  • Addictive gameplay, you will not be able to stop when playing
  • Compete the throne on the worldwide rankings
  • Many new characters are waiting for you to unlock
  • Basketball balls with many different shapes, eye-catching colors
  • Endless fun with pitches
  • Stunning 3D graphics

Download Five Hoops MOD APK

Overall Five Hoops is a great basketball game, bringing a completely different gameplay than other basketball games. This style of play was developed based on several basketball games that Voodoo has released earlier. But it combines many different styles, giving you a new experience. And the following will be the download link of Five Hoops MOD APK game with Unlimited Money feature for you to choose to download.

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