Download Folding Blocks MOD APK v0.50.0 (NO ADS)

  • App Details
  • Publisher Popcore Games
  • OS Android
  • Size 16M
  • Version 0.50.0
  • MOD Features NO ADS
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Folding Blocks – Puzzle game will make you fascinated

Popcore Games is a new game developer that appeared not long ago, and their games are still not known by many players. They have a game that is quite outstanding, namely Connect the Pops! with over 1 million downloads on Google Play. And recently, they continue to launch a new puzzle game, promising to be a successful game for Popcore Games in the future, called Folding Blocks.

Folding Blocks has just been released at the end of April recently, is now available on both Google Play and free AppStore (there will be a VIP package that takes money to remove ads). It seems that Folding Blocks is being loved by players as it quickly tops a Board category on the AppStore and the number of game downloads on other app stores has also increased rapidly. Game Folding Blocks brings a pretty simple puzzle game, but it will make you fascinated, don’t believe you try it!

Puzzle game is quite simple

Folding Blocks game is designed with extremely simple gameplay, you will not take much time to get used to the game. Your task in the game is to flip the color blocks correctly to fill the gaps. As you can see in the image below, there will be a colorful block next to the black squares, you will flip the colored blocks in some direction to fill the black blocks. Each time you flip a color block, the color block will create the same block in the direction you flip. Each level will have certain rules, you must flip in accordance with the new rules to fill the black spaces.

Each time you fill the black spaces into colorful blocks, you have passed that level, each time you will feel extremely satisfied. Just like that, you will pass the levels of the game with different difficulty levels. As for the later stages, in the gaps that appear obstacles, you will have to spend time thinking to be able to overcome those difficult levels. The way to play is extremely simple, you just need to use your finger to push the blocks in a reasonable way, to fill the black space is okay.

Folding Blocks MOD version? How to install?

We bring Folding Blocks MOD version with feature to remove ads. As you know, during the game there will be a lot of ads from developers, it is bad because it interrupts your entertainment. To delete ads in the usual way, you have to spend money to buy a package to delete ads on Google Play, and our MOD version is completely free. For installation, simply uninstall the original version from Google Play (if available) then download our APK file below. After downloading the file successfully, you just open the file and install it. If you have any questions about how to install, you can leave a comment below, we will answer as soon as possible.

Download Folding Blocks MOD APK

If you don’t have much time to experience role-playing games, then choose Folding Blocks to have the most comfortable minutes. You can play games at any time, while queuing, waiting for a car, taking breaks at work, … and even when you go to WC. You can download the Folding Blocks MOD APK game right below and you can be assured of it, it does not endanger your phone.

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