Football Manager 2020 Mobile APK v11.0.4 (MOD Unlocked) download

  • App Details
  • Publisher SEGA
  • OS Android
  • Size 767M
  • Version 11.0.4 (ARM64)
  • MOD Features Unlocked All
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Football game is the game genre is the most popular in the world today. It’s never outdated, because football is a king sport, popular all over the world. There are two basic categories of games: management and real soccer. In the category of controlling football players, we have games like Dream League Soccer, FIFA Online, PES, … These games are basically requiring ingenious control of the player. As for the management game, it mainly develops strategies and builds teams. The most prominent in this category is the Football Manager series.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile APK is the latest soccer management simulation game in Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series and is released by SEGA. This is a series of simulations managing the cult team, each year a new version is released. And this latest version has just been released on November 19 recently for mobile platforms. A PC version has been previously released. Accordingly, Football Manager 2020 Mobile is sold at a price of $ 8.49.

Become a talented football team manager

Following the success of Football Manager 2019, Football Manager 2020 Mobile allows players to develop their teams and train the way you want. Every manager’s choice and decision in FM20 will impact the future of the team. You will still become a senior leader of one of the top teams in the world. Are you ready for this manager? Take your team to conquer the peak international arena.

In this new version, the game is added a series of new features and new play mechanisms so that players will not be bored. In particular, the role and responsibilities of the coach will be higher than before. Immerse yourself in the vibrant football world where each of your opinions is important and has a direct impact on the club. If you want to win this game, you have to put all your enthusiasm into the team.

Your first job in this game is to choose a club to begin the journey to conquer glory. As a coach and manager, you have to do all the work for your team. From collecting good players, coaching the team to building tactics. When participating in the match, the game takes place in the form of a fairly simple simulation, mainly requiring the player’s tactics. Strategy and roster formation is an important factor to winning, there is no luck in this game.

Outstanding features of Football Manager 2020

  • Along with more than 50 countries with a long-standing football background compete the highest football competitions
  • 2,500 football clubs of various levels, a great game with diverse competition
  • More than 500,000 players and support staff are waiting for you to gather on your team
  • Learn and sign good players to develop the future of the team
  • Develop tactics before the game and put players and practice in competition
  • The tactics must not be harsh, you must know how to change tactics appropriately to bring victory
  • Experience the best and most authentic football game in the Football Manager series

Football Manager 2020 Touch (Unlocked All)

Download Football Manager 2020 Mobile APK (MOD Unlocked)

Football Manager 2020 Mobile is a great football management game. Play the game your way, follow your creativity and conquer the top leagues in the world. This is an opportunity for you to show your leadership and growth as a leader to players around the world. Start your challenge with a new job, which is team development. Maybe later you will be a boss of a football club like Barcelona or Real Madrid, … Here is the download link of Football Manager 2020 Mobile APK game for you.

Another version: Football Manager 2020 Touch MOD APK

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